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Early Access is NOT an Excuse

The Trend of Survival Craft Games

Everytime an early access game comes out after being “worked on” for “multiple years” it always ends up looking like a game that had 6 months of work maximum with optimisation never being good, not even acceptable. This has been a HEAVY trend in survival craft games, they always claim to have worked on the game but then take 5-7 years of early access to call it a fully released game.

Gamers are Quick to Criticise

Gamers are so quick to criticise Ubisoft, 2K and EA for “bad” games but at least they fully release a title with tons of content and usually a whole 15-40 hour storyline. But for games like Sons of the Forest people make excuses.

It’s Not Good Enough

It’s not good enough. There’s nothing to do, the game’s performance is terrible and it has LESS to offer than the previous title, how can you say this game having less builds is acceptable when all they would have to do is port over the previous code for things like boats?

Gaming Has Sunken

Blows my mind how far gaming has sunken.

Proof of Hypocrisy

EDIT: If you want proof of hypocrisy, check the replies. People did exactly what I said they would do, hating on EA for being “bigger and not indie” forgetting The Forest is a multi-million dollar IP with hundreds of investors. If multi-million dollar companies are now classed as indie, then damn, Rockstar is a great indie company!

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