Epic RPG “Experience Epic Adventure in For The King II with the New Resistance Trailer”

Today, Curve Games and IronOak Games are happy to announce the newest trailer for their turn-based RPG roguelike, For the King II.

For the King II: Resistance Trailer Released

Curve Games and IronOak Games have released a new trailer for the upcoming turn-based RPG roguelike, For the King II. The highly anticipated sequel to the first game, The King II, is building on the foundation of the original and introduces a whole host of new content. The new trailer, titled Resistance, shows off many new features players can expect from graphics, to gameplay, to pets and more.

New Art Style

The King of II introduces players again to Fahrul. After the first match of the contest, the once beloved queen turned off the inhabitants of the realm. Now it’s up to players to form a band of brave adventurers to become the resistance. The second game is highly accessible, but complicated, combating system of the first. Nonetheless, players could now enjoy the new art-style and gameplay elements. For example, players use pets, landcraft, mercenaries, new classes, weapons and armor to make their characters the best they can.


  • Pets: New pets have been added to the game, which can be used to help players in combat.
  • Landcraft: Players can now use landcrafts to travel and explore the world of Fahrul.
  • Mercenaries: Mercenaries can be hired to help players in battle.
  • Classes: New classes have been added, such as the Mage and the Ranger.
  • Weapons and Armor: New weapons and armor have been added to the game.

Resistance Trailer

The trailer is good for showing off what awaits players in this new and improved Fahrul. In addition, the trailer catches glimpses of the new art style and all the classical turn based combat fans that know and love it. Find it here below.

Release Date

The second world of the world will release in 2023. Currently, wishlist is available on Steam. Are you about to return to Fahrul?

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