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Limbus Company 3-18 Issue

As with any game, there are bound to be issues that players encounter. One such issue that has been reported on the forum is the difficulty in beating the bosses in the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon. Many players have reported struggling to defeat these bosses and have sought advice on how to overcome this challenge.

In this article, we will explore the problem of the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon and provide some tips on how to beat the bosses. We will also discuss the implications of this issue and how it affects the overall gameplay experience.

Identifying the Issue

The Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon is known to be one of the toughest challenges in the game. With a series of bosses to defeat, players often struggle to overcome them. The primary issue that players have reported is the difficulty in dealing with the bosses’ powerful attacks and spells. Many players have reported wiping out multiple times while trying to defeat the bosses.

One player on the forum said, “how the hell can u bneat that stupid bossdss.” This sentiment was echoed by many other players who felt frustrated and discouraged by their inability to overcome this obstacle.

Tips for Beating the Bosses

Fortunately, there are strategies that players can employ to overcome the bosses in the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon. Here are some tips

1. Use Blunt Damage The bosses in this dungeon are weak to blunt damage, so it’s best to build a party around blunt-focused characters. This will help you deal more damage and take down the bosses more quickly.

2. Set Off Faust’s EGO Early One player on the forum suggested setting off Faust’s EGO early to get the +2 power from Ennui. This will boost your party’s damage output and help you defeat the bosses more easily.

3. Use Heathcliff Another player recommended using Base Heathcliff as he is considered to be the “god” of the inquisitor fights. He can roll over the bosses and make the fight much easier.

4. Have Patience This dungeon is challenging, and it may take multiple attempts to beat the bosses. It’s important to stay patient and keep trying. Don’t get discouraged if you wipe out a few times.

Issues and Implications

The issue of the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon highlights a common problem in many RPGs the difficulty spike. Sometimes, developers make dungeons or bosses too difficult, which can lead to frustration and a negative gameplay experience. This issue has been acknowledged by the developers, who have released patches and updates to try and balance the difficulty of the game.

However, it’s also worth noting that some players enjoy a challenge and like the feeling of victory after overcoming a tough obstacle. For these players, the difficulty of the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon may be appealing.


The Limbus Company 3-18 issue may be frustrating for some players, but there are ways to overcome it. By using blunt damage, setting off Faust’s EGO early, using Base Heathcliff, and having patience, players can successfully beat the bosses in this dungeon.

Issues with difficulty spikes are common in RPGs, but it’s important for developers to consider the balance between a tough challenge and a negative gameplay experience. Ultimately, players should be able to enjoy the game and feel a sense of accomplishment when they overcome obstacles like the Limbus Company 3-18 dungeon.

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