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Despite the game’s positive reception, Limbus Company has faced a big issue since its launch. Players have reported that the game’s iconography is of a train, while the characters ride a bus, and the game refers to it as a bus.

The confusion arouses from the fact that the game uses a train icon for transportation, while the actual vehicle used in-game is a bus. This issue has caused frustration among players, making them feel disconnected from the game’s theme and setting.

In this article, we will discuss the Limbus Company issue and provide possible fixes that developers could consider. We will also examine the impact of the issue on the game and its players.

Why Limbus Company’s Iconography Is a Big Issue

The game’s iconography is an essential element of its presentation. A well-designed icon can instantly catch a player’s eye and convey the game’s theme and setting. However, in Limbus Company’s case, the icon misrepresents the game’s transportation system, leading to confusion and a sense of detachment.

The issue is especially frustrating for players who enjoy immersion in games. Immersion is the degree to which a player feels connected to a game’s world and storyline. When a game’s iconography contradicts its representation in the game, players lose the illusion of immersion.

Furthermore, the issue damages the game’s brand reputation. Players may hesitate to recommend the game to their friends or write positive reviews, resulting in fewer new players and reduced revenue for the developers.

Possible Fixes for the Limbus Company Big Issue

There are several possible fixes that developers could consider fixing the issue. Here are some suggestions

1. Change the Game Icon

The most apparent solution is to redesign the game’s icon to feature a bus instead of a train. This way, players will instantly recognize the primary mode of transportation in Limbus Company, leading to a more coherent and satisfying gameplay experience.

2. Update the Transportation System

Another option is to update the game’s transportation system to feature trains instead of buses. This solution would require more work but would result in a more cohesive game.

3. Add In-Game Explanations

Thirdly, developers could add in-game explanations regarding the transportation system used in Limbus Company. Players could learn about the transportation system through NPC dialogues or item descriptions, providing them with a better understanding of the game’s world.

Impact of the Limbus Company Issue on the Game

The impact of the Limbus Company issue on the game can spread beyond confusion and frustration. The wrong iconography can impact the game’s players and its developers. Here is how

1. Negative Player Experience

Players expect games to deliver an immersive experience that transports them to a different world. The Limbus Company issue breaks that immersion, leaving players feeling unsatisfied with the game’s overall experience.

2. Decreased Revenue

Negative player experiences usually result in decreased revenue for developers. In this case, the Limbus Company issue could lead to fewer new players and reduced sales, affecting the game’s overall financial success.

3. Negative Publicity

The Limbus Company issue could receive negative publicity that could spread beyond the game’s existing player base. If the issue attracts enough attention, it could damage the reputation of the game and its developers, ultimately impacting future game releases.


The Limbus Company big issue has impacted the game’s players and developers. To fix the issue, developers could consider redesigning the game’s icon, updating the transportation system, or adding in-game explanations. With the right solution, developers can improve players’ experience, increase the game’s revenue, and prevent unwanted negative publicity.

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