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Chapter 3 is the final chapter of Limbus Company and it is where players face the most challenging boss in the game. This final boss battle has become a hot topic among the Limbus Company community, with many players finding it extremely difficult to beat. In this article, we will provide tips and strategies to help players overcome the final boss in Chapter 3 of Limbus Company.

Understanding the Final Boss

Before diving into tips and strategies, it is important to understand the final boss in Chapter 3 of Limbus Company. The final boss is a powerful machine called ZXR-14, which has been developed by the main antagonist of the game, Dr. Valtor. ZXR-14 is a formidable opponent with a range of powerful attacks and abilities, making it a real challenge for players.

The Battle with ZXR-14

The final boss battle of Limbus Company Chapter 3 has three phases. In the first phase, ZXR-14 will attack players with physical attacks and laser beams. In the second phase, ZXR-14 will launch missiles and drones to attack the players. Finally, in the third phase, ZXR-14 will combine all of its attacks and abilities to make the battle even more challenging.

Tips and Strategies to Beat the Final Boss

1. Prepare for the Battle

Before facing ZXR-14 in the final boss battle of Limbus Company Chapter 3, ensure that you have prepared thoroughly. This includes upgrading your weapons and armor and making sure that your party is at a high enough level. It is also essential to stock up on healing items to keep your party alive during the battle.

2. Focus on Dodging

ZXR-14 has a range of powerful attacks, making dodging a key strategy in the battle. Pay close attention to the boss’s movements and learn when to dodge its attacks. Use the dodge button frequently, especially during the second and third phases when the boss launches missiles and drones.

3. Use Magic Attacks

Magic attacks can deal significant damage to ZXR-14, making them a useful strategy in the battle. Use the magic attacks of your party members to target the boss’s weaknesses, and focus on building up their magic energy so that they can launch more powerful attacks.

4. Take Advantage of Weaknesses

ZXR-14 has a weakness to lightning attacks, and exploiting this can deal significant damage. Use lightning-based magic attacks or weapons to take advantage of this weakness and deal considerable damage to the boss.

5. Use Party Member Skills

Each party member in Limbus Company has unique skills that can be used to take down the final boss. For example, one party member has a skill that can heal the entire party, while another has a skill that can defeat the drones launched by ZXR-14. Take advantage of these skills and use them during the battle.

6. Stay Alert

Stay alert during the battle and watch out for the boss’s attacks. Pay attention to its movements and remain patient, waiting for the right moment to attack. Keep your party members alive and utilize healing items when necessary.


The final boss battle of Limbus Company Chapter 3 can be challenging, but with the right strategy and preparation, players can overcome it. The key is to focus on dodging, taking advantage of weaknesses, and utilizing party member skills. With patience and practice, defeating ZXR-14 is achievable. Good luck, and happy gaming!

Table Final Boss Battle Strategies

Strategy | Description
——– | ———–
Prepare for the Battle | Upgrade weapons and armor, ensure party is at a high enough level, stock up on healing items
Focus on Dodging | Pay close attention to boss’s movements and attacks, use dodge button frequently
Use Magic Attacks | Exploit boss’s weaknesses with magic attacks, build up magic energy to use more powerful attacks
Take Advantage of Weaknesses | Use lightning-based magic attacks or weapons to deal significant damage
Use Party Member Skills | Utilize unique skills of each party member during battle
Stay Alert | Watch out for boss’s attacks, remain patient and use healing items when necessary

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