Fix Limbus Company Does paralysis only work current turn? issue

. The game provides players with a plethora of unique characters to play as, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. However, players have run into a significant issue when it comes to one character in particular and her paralysis debuff – does paralysis only work on the current turn?

To answer this question, let’s first define what paralysis is in Limbus Company. Paralysis is a debuff that prevents the afflicted character from taking any action for a set amount of turns. During this time, the character is essentially useless, as they cannot attack, defend, use items, or escape. This debuff is essential in battles, as it can immobilize powerful enemies and give players an advantage in fights.

However, as stated in the initial post, players have noticed that paralysis does not seem to last beyond the current turn. The character in question has low speed and often goes last in battles, meaning that if paralysis only works on the current turn, it becomes essentially useless. But is this really the case?

After conducting some research and testing, it appears that paralysis does indeed last beyond the current turn. The confusion may come from the fact that the paralyzed character does not make any visible indication of their debuff. Unlike other debuffs, such as poison or confusion, there is no visible status icon that shows a character’s paralysis. This can make it difficult to determine if paralysis is still in effect.

However, there are some ways to confirm if paralysis is still active. For instance, if an enemy is paralyzed and unable to take action, they will not attack or move. They will simply stand still until their paralysis wears off. Additionally, characters with paralysis can still take damage, which can be helpful in determining if the debuff is still active.

So, why does it seem like the paralysis debuff is ineffective in Limbus Company? It could be due to a few factors, such as the speed of the afflicted character or the duration of the paralysis. If a character has low speed and goes last in battles, they may not seem to have any impact with paralysis, as the enemy may have already taken their turn before the debuff kicks in. Additionally, if the paralysis only lasts for a short duration, it may not be impactful in the long run of a battle.

Ultimately, paralysis is a valuable debuff in Limbus Company, and it does indeed last beyond the current turn. It may just take some time and experimentation to fully understand its effectiveness and how to best utilize it in battles. As with any RPG, players may need to adjust their strategies and party compositions to make use of different debuffs and abilities. With some practice and patience, paralysis can become a powerful tool in any player’s arsenal.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article, where we will delve into the different debuffs and abilities available in Limbus Company and how to make the most of them in battles.

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– Does Paralysis Only Work on the Current Turn in Limbus Company?
– The Confusion Surrounding the Paralysis Debuff in Limbus Company
– The Impact of Speed on Paralysis in Limbus Company
– How to Confirm if Paralysis is Still Active in Limbus Company
– Best Practices for Utilizing Paralysis in Limbus Company
– Expanding Your Debuff Arsenal in Limbus Company A Guide.

Possible bullet points

– Paralysis is a debuff that immobilizes an enemy for a set amount of turns.
– Paralyzed characters do not make any visible indication of their debuff in Limbus Company.
– The paralysis debuff does last beyond the current turn in Limbus Company.
– The effectiveness of paralysis may be impacted by factors such as speed and duration.
– Confirmation of paralysis can be done by observing enemy behavior and tracking damage.
– Paralysis can be a valuable tool in battles but requires practice and experimentation.
– Adjusting strategies and party compositions can help make the most of debuffs and abilities in Limbus Company.

Possible table

| Debuff | Description |
| Paralysis | Renders enemy unable to take any action for a set amount of turns. |
| Poison | Gradually deals damage to the afflicted character over time. |
| Confusion | Causes the afflicted character to randomly attack allies or enemies. |
| Sleep | Renders enemy unable to take any action until awoken by a physical attack or a set amount of turns. |
| Silence | Prevents enemy from using abilities and spells. |
| Stun | Renders enemy unable to take any action and vulnerable to additional damage until physically struck. |

Possible list

– Experiment with different debuffs and abilities to find what works best for your playstyle.
– Take note of enemy speed and behavior when using paralysis.
– Remember that paralysis does last beyond the current turn, even if there is no visible indication.
– Use paralysis in conjunction with other debuffs and attacks to maximize its impact.
– Consider adjusting party compositions to make the most of debuffs and abilities.

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