Fix Limbus Company Free lunacy is too limited. issue

Fixing the Limited Free Lunacy in Limbus Company A Discussion on the Drought

As players progress through Limbus Company, they may start to notice the limited availability of free lunacy. While the game offers plenty of challenges and rewards, it seems as though free players and low-spenders may struggle to keep up with the more intense battles and higher-tier items. In this article, we’ll explore the issue of limited free lunacy in Limbus Company, discuss its impact on players, and suggest solutions to fix the problem.

The Problem The Drought of Free Lunacy

As mentioned in the introduction, the issue with free lunacy is the limited amount that players receive on a daily or even weekly basis. This issue is compounded by the fact that paying for lunacy is not a financially feasible solution for every player, especially for those who are playing for fun or as a hobby. This results in a shortage of resources and difficulty in adequately progressing through Limbus Company’s game mechanics.

The main problems with limited free lunacy are as follows

1. Free Daily Lunacy Limit The game offers only a small amount of free lunacy that the players can earn every day. The limit busts and gives a new allotment after some time. Those allotments last only for 6 hours which means a player has to constantly check and play the game at specific intervals to keep earning the daily lunacy.
2. Battlepass Lunacy Another way for earning lunacy is through the Battlepass. This is a season pass system which offers various exclusive in-game items and incentives for a fee. As a free player, those who are unable or unwilling to invest money in the game are only offered a handful of Battlepass lunacy.
3. Lunacy from Story While playing the game’s story mode, players earn lunacy as they progress. This is a finite amount of lunacy that players can earn, and once they complete the story, they lose the ability to earn free lunacy from it.
4. Monthly Batches of Paid Free Lunacy While some free lunacy is available to purchase for a nominal cost, these batches are hardly worth it as the paid lunacy is much more powerful in comparison.

The Impact of Limited Free Lunacy

Limited free lunacy has a significant impact on Limbus Company’s player base. It results in players becoming unable to progress through the game as they cannot purchase the items and abilities they require to take on tougher challenges. The game may feel like a grind, sap the energy and the motivation to continue playing, especially for those who are not willing to invest money. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the game’s popularity, seen from the trend of negative user reviews, and eventually leads to a loss of player commitment.

Solutions to Fix the Limited Free Lunacy Issue

Having discussed the impact of limited free lunacy on the game, we also came up with some solutions to solve this problem.

1. Increase Daily Free Lunacy Limit One solution that would immediately benefit players who want to progress through Limbus Company is to increase the daily lunacy limit. This way, players can bolster their resources and continue playing the game without facing a severe drought.
2. More Battlepass Lunacy A second solution is to offer more free Battlepass lunacy. This would help players who cannot or do not want to invest the money to still access some valuable in-game items and incentives, which would improve their overall experience while playing the game.
3. Infinite Lunacy from Story The story’s availability could add-infinite Lunacy. This implies to keep a pool of Lunacy that will keep refilling once it’s consumed. This strategy would result in preventing existing players from experiencing the dreaded lunacy drought.
4. More Frequent and More Worthwhile Free Lunacy Deals Another solution is to offer more frequent and more worthwhile free lunacy deals. This could include promotions, sales, or limited-time offers that allow players to earn more lunacy. The deals could also be more attractive to encourage players to save up or check back in regularly.
5. Events Finally, the upcoming events or festivals also bring free lunacy, items and bonuses in abundance. Using this strategy, the players can work on other rewards instead of those who only help level up the characters.


In conclusion, Limbus Company’s shortage of free lunacy is a significant concern for players who do not wish to invest money in the game or cannot. It creates a drought that makes it challenging for players to progress, and discourages them from playing the game. However, solutions like enhancing daily free lunacy limit, offering more Battlepass lunacy, infinite story lunacy, more frequent and more worthwhile free lunacy deals, and events can increase the engagements, making Limbus Company more attractive to its player base in the long term. The developers of the game should look forward to implementing these solutions to make the game more inclusive, engaging and fulfilling for its diverse player base.

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