Fix Limbus Company Game is unplayable in ultrawide issue

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. One of the major issues with Limbus Company is that the game is unplayable in ultrawide resolutions. This issue has been reported by many users and needs to be fixed to improve the gaming experience for ultrawide players.

The problem with Ultrawide

Combat animations are almost impossible to see in ultrawide resolutions as the black bars take up a significant portion of the screen. This makes it difficult to gauge enemy movements and react accordingly. The overall game experience is hindered as the gameplay is affected by this screen size constraint.

However, the biggest issue with the Limbus Company game in ultrawide resolution is that some screens are inaccessible as the button to go to the next screen is cut off. For instance, in the tutorial, some players are unable to proceed due to their button being cut off at the bottom of the screen. This hampers the overall game experience for players who are eager to play the game to its fullest potential.

The need for a fix

It is important to bring up this issue to the developers as it is a barrier for players to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. Apart from this, fixing this issue would also attract more players to the game as it ensures flexibility in terms of choosing a screen resolution.

Additionally, an increasing number of gamers are using ultrawide monitors due to the immersion it provides. Hence, it is critical for the developers to fix this issue as soon as possible to provide the opportunity for all players to have a great experience playing Limbus Company.

Possible solutions

One possible solution would be for the developers to add an option in the game settings whereby players can choose the aspect ratio most suited to their monitor. This would allow players to customize their gaming experience according to the specifications of their monitor. It would also reduce the likelihood of screen resolution issues arising owing to the difference in screen size.

Another effective solution would be to create a fix that accommodates all screen resolutions. This can be done by resizing the user interface (UI) elements on-screen proportionately. This would basically involve resizing everything visible on-screen, so that it suits the resolution that the player has chosen.


The issue of Limbus Company being unplayable in ultrawide resolutions is a significant concern for many players. It affects the quality of gameplay experience, and hence needs immediate attention from the developers. The proposed solutions can help to overcome the issue and ensure that Limbus Company becomes more broadly accessible to all players. Overall, the resolution of this issue can lead to an improved gaming experience for all players irrespective of the screen resolution chosen.


|Current Issues|Proposed Solutions|
|Combat animations are almost impossible to see in ultrawide resolutions|Add an option in-game settings to choose aspect ratio|
|Button to proceed to next screen cut off at bottom on some screens|Resize UI elements proportionately to suit all resolutions|


Possible outcomes of ignoring ultrawide issue

1. Loss of potential players

2. Negative reviews and feedback

3. Reduced profits

4. Decreased player engagement

5. Negative impact on company’s reputation.


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