Fix Limbus Company having a friend support as a 6th character gonna be fixed soon issue

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One of the key features of Limbus Company is the ability to form a team of five characters to explore the dungeons together. Each character has unique abilities and strengths that can be utilized to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. However, players have been experiencing an issue with the game that involves the friend support character not functioning as intended.

The friend support character is a sixth member that can be added to a team through the use of a support code. This character is typically controlled by another player and provides additional assistance during dungeon runs. However, many players have reported that the friend support character is not behaving as expected, making it difficult to complete certain levels.

Thankfully, Limbus Company has acknowledged the issue and announced that it will be fixed soon. The studio recently posted a series of changes that will be implemented in the next patch, which include adjustments to the friend support character. In this article, we will explore the issue with the friend support character and how the fix will improve the game.

The Issue with Friend Support

One of the primary issues with the friend support character is that it sometimes fails to appear during dungeon runs. This can be frustrating for players who are relying on the character’s abilities to progress through a level. Additionally, when the friend support character does spawn, it can be unresponsive or fail to use its abilities effectively.

Another issue reported by players is that the friend support character often gets stuck in obstacles or blocked areas, causing the player to lose valuable time or even fail the level. These issues have made it difficult for players to rely on the friend support character as a valuable asset during dungeon runs.

Improving Friend Support

The recent announcement from Limbus Company indicates that the friend support character issue will be fixed in the next patch. While the exact changes have not been detailed, players can expect improvements to the character’s behavior and responsiveness. It is likely that adjustments will be made to ensure that the friend support character can be reliably used during dungeon runs.

In addition to fixing the existing issues, there is also the possibility that the friend support character will receive new abilities or powers. This could create exciting new opportunities for players to experiment with different team compositions and strategies. It may also encourage players to reach out to other members of the community to establish new friendships and partnerships for dungeon runs.

In conclusion, the issue with the friend support character in Limbus Company has been a source of frustration for many players. However, the recent announcement from the developers indicates that a solution is on the way. As the game continues to grow and evolve, it is important for developers to listen to player feedback and make necessary improvements. With the upcoming fix to the friend support character, players can look forward to an even better dungeon-crawling experience.

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