Fix Limbus Company i just closed my account issue

The Issue A Guide to Fixing Your Closed Account

If you’re reading this, you probably closed your Limbus Company account and are now regretting it. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many players have made the same mistake and are desperately trying to fix their closed accounts. In this article, we’ll go over what you can do to try and recover your account or start fresh if all else fails. So let’s get started!

Understanding the Limbus Company Game

Before we dive into how to fix a closed account, let’s briefly discuss what Limbus Company is all about. The game is an RPG dungeon crawler where players take on the role of a member of the titular Limbus Company. You’ll explore dungeons, fight monsters, and level up your character to become stronger and take on tougher challenges.

One of the selling points of Limbus Company is its unique ID system. Each character has their own ID, and players can combine IDs to create new characters with different abilities. This system allows for a lot of customization and encourages players to experiment with different character combinations.

Why Did You Close Your Account?

Before we can help you fix your account, we need to understand why you closed it in the first place. Was it a mistake? Did you lose interest in the game? Did you encounter a glitch or bug that made you frustrated? Knowing why you closed your account can help you determine the best course of action to take.

If your account was closed by mistake or due to technical issues, your first step should be to contact customer support. They may be able to help you recover your account or, at the very least, explain why it was closed and if there’s anything you can do to fix it.

If you closed your account because you lost interest in the game or had a negative experience, you may want to consider starting fresh with a new account. Limbus Company is a game that rewards persistence and experimentation, so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t succeed on your first try.

How to Fix a Closed Account

If you’ve tried contacting customer support and starting a new account isn’t an option, there are still some things you can try to recover your closed account. Here are some steps you can take

1. Check your email When you closed your account, you should have received an email confirming the closure. Look for this email and see if there’s any information about how to recover your account. Sometimes, game developers will include a link or code that you can use to undo the closure.

2. Try logging in again Even if you closed your account, it may still be accessible for a short period of time. Try logging back in with your old login credentials and see if it works. If it does, you may be able to undo the closure from within the game.

3. Look for third-party recovery tools There are some third-party tools available that claim to be able to recover closed accounts in Limbus Company. These tools can be risky to use, as they may ask for your personal information or contain malware. Use caution if you decide to try one of these tools.

Starting a New Account

If all else fails, starting a new account may be your only option. Here are some tips to make the most of your new start

1. Choose a new ID Since Limbus Company’s ID system is so important, choosing a new ID should be one of your first steps. Take some time to research different IDs and find one that suits your playstyle.

2. Join a guild Guilds are groups of players who work together to complete quests and take on challenges. Joining a guild can give you a sense of community and make the game more enjoyable.

3. Experiment with different characters Don’t be afraid to try new character combinations and experiment with different strategies. Limbus Company rewards players who are willing to try new things.


Closing your Limbus Company account can be a frustrating experience, but all hope isn’t lost. By following the steps outlined above, you may be able to recover your closed account or start fresh with a new one. Remember to be patient and persistent – Limbus Company is a game that requires both!

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