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Fixing Limbus Company’s General Discussion Issues


Limbus Company is an interesting mobile game that was released with three chapters at the initial stage. However, several issues have been identified regarding the game, such as the lack of gameplay diversity and limited content. This article aims to identify and analyze some of the significant issues that currently persist in the Limbus Company game.


The Limbus Company game contains minimal content. There are only three chapters, and users can complete them relatively fast. However, the production value of each chapter is reasonably high, with numerous drawn cutscenes, fully voiced excerpts, battle music changes, and backgrounds that change with each chapter. Nevertheless, players feel that there is little to do in the game aside from progressing with the story chapters and the mirror dungeons. The mirror dungeons become problematic further because the only way to level units is to use XP tickets, which can only be obtained by completing the mirror dungeons.

Mirror Dungeons

Mirror Dungeons cost 3 enkephalin half globes, which translates to 60 enkephalin/stamina/energy. Upon completing it, players are rewarded with 10 gold tickets and 10 silver tickets, as well as the choice of either five random shard boxes or three character shard boxes. For the only source of content in the game, this isn’t too terrible. However, past the five weekly completions of the mirror dungeon, full completion only awards five gold and five silver tickets. No shard boxes. This heavily discourages doing anything past the five runs for the week. Additionally, Mirror Dungeons are not very diverse. Beyond this week’s five dungeons, players have most likely seen every question mark node there is. Enemies are recycled from the story chapters, and the Boss of the third floor has a chance to be a story boss or an abnormality not seen elsewhere (rare). There is also no real challenge in the fights apart from the final boss, which is quite difficult to fight.


The gameplay in Limbus Company is a little oversimplified, and certain features are a little lacking. Players have four options in basic combat use the bottom skill, use the top skill, use the defense skill, and use the EGO skill if it is available. However, there is little player agency in encounters, making combat feel stale after a while. The lack of deck-building options adds to this problem, and the clash system is unnecessarily convoluted and not well explained. Debuff descriptions are also not explained when inspecting a unit, leading to confusion when players try to assess whether a skill is good or not.

Additional Issues

The tutorial in the game is lacking, and the story components from uptie 3 are too brief, and the UI is a bit confusing to navigate at first glance. The lack of player names also means that the friends’ list is just a string of numbers, making it difficult to tell who is who. The farming rate for shards is too low, requiring players to uptie their units for them to be viable. The support unit needs modification because allowing a player to run six units makes the game too easy.


In conclusion, Limbus Company has several issues that must be addressed if the game is to remain relevant and enjoyable to players. These issues range from the game’s minimal content to lack of gameplay diversity, tutorial inadequacy, and the UI’s confusion, and farming rates being too low, among others. Addressing these issues and incorporating player feedback should enhance the gaming experience and make Limbus Company more enjoyable for players.

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