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. Despite being a relatively new game, Limbus Company has already faced some criticism from players regarding its long-term content. This article will explore some of the issues Limbus Company is facing and potential solutions that could be implemented to fix them.

The Issue Lack of long-term content

One of the primary complaints from players is the lack of long-term content in Limbus Company. The game’s story mode can be completed rather quickly, leaving players with few options to continue playing. The mirror dungeon is an alternative game mode, but it can quickly become stale as players are limited to five runs per week. For a gacha game, which is typically intended to be played for an extended period of time, Limbus Company’s lack of content is disappointing.

The Solution Infinite Mode

One solution to this issue is the introduction of an “infinite” mode. This mode would provide rotating replayable events that reward players based on higher scores or other achievements. The events could have varying difficulty levels, allowing players of all skill levels to participate. An infinite mode would add variety to the game, encourage experimentation with new identities, and justify the grind that many gacha games are known for.

The Issue Repetitive Gameplay

Another complaint from players is the repetitive gameplay in Limbus Company. The game’s dungeon crawling mechanics can become monotonous after playing for an extended period of time. This can lead to a lack of motivation to continue playing, ultimately hindering the game’s long-term success.

The Solution Varied Dungeons

One solution to this issue is the introduction of more varied dungeons. Currently, the game’s dungeons are relatively similar in layout and design. The addition of unique mechanics and challenges within each dungeon would add a layer of depth to the gameplay. For example, some dungeons could have environmental hazards, while others could have puzzles that must be solved to progress. These changes would keep the player engaged and interested in the game.

The Issue Lack of Social Features

Social features are often an essential component of successful gacha games. They allow players to connect with one another, form communities, and compete against each other. However, Limbus Company currently lacks significant social features.

The Solution Guilds and PvP

One solution to this issue is the introduction of guilds and player versus player (PvP) battles. Guilds would allow players to band together, compete in guild battles, and have access to exclusive rewards. PvP battles would allow players to compete against each other in real-time battles, either individually or as part of a team. These social features would encourage players to engage with each other and provide another layer of gameplay.

The Issue Lack of Endgame Content

The lack of endgame content is also a common complaint among Limbus Company players. After completing the story mode and mirror dungeon, there is little for players to do other than wait for new content to be released. This leads to players losing interest in the game and ultimately leaving.

The Solution Endless Tower and Raids

One solution to this issue is the introduction of endless tower and raid content. Endless tower would be a challenge mode where players climb floors of increasing difficulty. Raids would involve players teaming up to take down challenging bosses and would offer exclusive rewards. These modes would provide players with a challenging endgame content to strive for and would encourage continued play.

Limbus Company has the potential to be a successful game in the long term if the issues mentioned above are addressed. By introducing an infinite mode, varied dungeons, guilds, PvP battles, endless tower content, and raids, Limbus Company could offer players a more engaging and rewarding experience. Additionally, these changes would help establish Limbus Company as a competitor in the gacha game market.

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