Fix Limbus Company Paid lunacy is a separate currency issue

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Fixing Limbus Company’s Paid Lunacy Issue A Separate Currency

Limbus Company has gained a lot of attention since its release, with its unique features and gameplay mechanics. However, there’s a growing concern among players about the game’s Paid Lunacy system being a separate currency. The confusion of Paid Lunacy being a separate currency is rooted in the fact that it shares a pool with the in-game currency, gold. In this article, we’ll delve into what Paid Lunacy is, its impact on the game, and potential fixes to address the player’s concerns.

What is Paid Lunacy?

In Limbus Company, players are given the option to earn or purchase resources that can be used for various purposes such as improving equipment, enhancing characters, and recruiting new members. One of these resources is the Paid Lunacy, which is earned through real-world money or in-game currency. Paid Lunacy is an exclusive currency that is used to perform a summoning ritual, which allows players to recruit high-grade characters or obtain rare equipment.

Why Paid Lunacy is a separate currency?

In most games, developers use two types of currencies free and paid. Free currency is generally earned through playing the game, and Paid currency is obtained by paying real-world money. The main motive for paid currency is to create a sense of value for the players. For example, if a player was told to pay $2 for an item, it may seem expensive to the player, but if the same item costs 10 gems, then it appears to be more accessible. The same concept applies to Paid Lunacy.

Why Players are Concerned about Paid Lunacy?

As mentioned earlier, Paid Lunacy is a separate currency that shares the pool with gold. This system confuses players and blurs the line between the paid and free currencies. Since the game’s shop screen displays the cost of extraction as part of the free currency, it makes it difficult for players to assess whether they are spending their resources efficiently. This also offers an opportunity for players to accidentally spend their precious, hard-earned gems instead of the intended gold.

What are Potential Fixes to Address the Concerns?

The current shortcomings of Limbus Company regarding its Paid Lunacy system can be addressed with the following potential solutions

1. Add a separate tab for Paid currency

Developers could create a separate tab or screen for Paid currency. This tab would allow players to clearly see what resources they are spending, and it should help eliminate confusion between the two types of resources.

2. Offer better deals and options

To increase the value and appeal of Paid Lunacy, developers could offer better deals and purchase options. Players are more likely to spend real-world money if they feel they are getting reasonable value for their investment.

3. Re-evaluate the in-game store

Another option for developers is to re-evaluate the game’s in-game store. They could make more changes to the store since the prices of the resources are in real-world currency. It does not make sense to display it as equivalent prices in gold, as it creates confusion about the value of the resources being purchased.


Limbus Company is an engaging and exciting game, but the Paid Lunacy system casts a shadow of confusion over the players. As we have discussed, Paid Lunacy is the game’s exclusive currency for performing high-grade summons, and it is a separate currency from gold. The confusion arises from Paid Lunacy being displayed in the same pool as gold. To address this issue, developers need to take measures, such as adding a separate tab and re-evaluating the in-game store. By implementing these changes, Limbus Company can become a better game, and players can enjoy the game without the confusion of the currency system.

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