Fix Limbus Company porject moon please nerf the chapter 3 knights issue

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. Despite its relative newness, the game has already attracted a passionate following. However, there’s been one issue that’s causing a bit of a stir among players the difficulty spike of Chapter 3, specifically the knights that are featured in it. Many players are finding it simply too challenging and are requesting that the developers make changes to the knights’ abilities, whether that be nerfing their attacks or reducing their defense.

Why the Knights are so Tough

Before we dive into the specific suggestions for fixing the Limbus Company Chapter 3 knights, let’s take a look at why they’re causing such headaches for players. Firstly, it’s worth noting that Limbus Company is overall a very challenging game. It’s not supposed to be a breeze to get through, as the high level of difficulty is part of what makes it so appealing to many players. However, the knights in Chapter 3 are a particularly tough nut to crack.

The biggest issue with the knights is their combination of high attack power and high defense. Many players are finding that their own characters simply aren’t able to deal enough damage to take the knights down. Meanwhile, the knights are dishing out hefty amounts of damage with every hit, often wiping out less tanky characters in just one or two attacks.

On top of that, the knights also have a number of abilities that can make life even harder for players. For example, some of them have healing skills which can drag out battles even longer. Meanwhile, others are able to inflict debuffs on players’ characters, making them even more vulnerable to attack.

All of this combines to create a situation where many players feel like they’re hitting a brick wall when they reach Chapter 3. They’re not able to progress any further because they simply can’t beat the knights. Thus, it’s no surprise that they’re calling for changes to be made.

How to Fix the Knights

So, what can Project Moon do to fix the Limbus Company Chapter 3 knights and make the game more playable for frustrated players? Here are three potential solutions

1. Nerf the Knights’ Abilities

The most obvious and straightforward solution is to simply nerf the knights. This could involve reducing their attack power, lowering their defenses, or removing some of their more frustrating abilities (like healing or debuffing). By doing this, Project Moon would make the knights more manageable for players and ensure that progress through Chapter 3 is no longer impossible for all but the most skilled or well-equipped players.

2. Add More F2P-Friendly Content

Another potential solution is to add more content to Limbus Company that’s specifically designed to help F2P (free-to-play) players. Many of the players struggling with the knights are finding that they simply don’t have the resources or upgrades necessary to compete at that level. By adding more content that’s accessible to players who aren’t spending money on the game, Project Moon could help level the playing field and make it easier for these players to take on the knights.

This content could include new dungeons, quests, or events that reward players with rare items or resources that can be used to make their characters stronger. Alternatively, it could involve adjusting the difficulty of existing content so that it’s more feasible for F2P players to complete.

3. Provide Tips and Strategies for Beating the Knights

Finally, Project Moon could also provide players with more guidance on how to beat the knights. There may be certain strategies or team compositions that work particularly well against them, but many players aren’t aware of these. By sharing more tips and advice, Project Moon could help players feel more confident and empowered to tackle the challenging content in Limbus Company.

This could take the form of in-game tutorials or guides, or it could involve the developers engaging more with the community on social media or forums to share insights and answer questions.


Overall, there’s no denying that the Limbus Company Chapter 3 knights are causing some frustration among players. But while it’s easy to call for nerfs or other changes, it’s important to remember that part of what makes the game so appealing is its high level of difficulty. Any changes that are made need to strike a delicate balance between making the game more accessible while still retaining its core challenge.

At the end of the day, it’s up to Project Moon to decide how they want to handle the issue. However, by listening to feedback from players and being proactive in seeking solutions, they can ensure that Limbus Company remains an engaging and rewarding game for everyone.

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