Fix Limbus Company Unbeatable dungeon? issue


Limbus Company is a game that requires you to have a lot of strategic thinking and planning, especially when it comes to the different dungeons that you will be exploring. These dungeons are full of enemies that are powerful, and they will not hesitate to punish any mistakes that you make.

One of the dungeons that Limbus Company players often struggle with is the Unbeatable dungeon. As the name suggests, this dungeon is rather challenging to beat, and it requires players to think outside of the box to achieve victory. In this article, we will be discussing some of the key strategies and tips that players can use to fix Limbus Company Unbeatable dungeon.

Understanding the Unbeatable Dungeon

The Unbeatable dungeon is a dungeon that is full of enemies that are incredibly powerful. These enemies have high damage output, resistance, and hitpoints, making them incredibly difficult to take down. Players who attempt to rush through this dungeon will often find themselves losing fights and having to restart from the beginning.

The key to beating the Unbeatable dungeon is to have a well-rounded team with plenty of healing, resistances, and damage output. Players should also plan out their moves carefully and avoid being too aggressive, as this can often lead to stagger and losing the battle. Below are some strategies that players can implement to fix Limbus Company Unbeatable dungeon.

Strategy 1 Prepare a Balanced Team

Having a balanced team is crucial to beating the Unbeatable dungeon. Players should have a mixture of tanks, healers, and damage dealers in their team. A team with just damage dealers and no healers will not last long in this dungeon, as enemies will quickly whittle down your hitpoints.

Players should also try to include characters with different resistances, as enemies in the Unbeatable dungeon often have specific weaknesses. For example, enemies that use blunt weapons are weak against characters who have high resistance to blunt damage. Players should also make sure that their characters’ equipment is upgraded and optimized for the dungeon.

Strategy 2 Utilize Defensive Moves

In the Unbeatable dungeon, rushing headlong into battle is a recipe for disaster. Players should instead opt for defensive moves such as block, dodge, and counter. These moves will help players to avoid taking too much damage and potentially staggered by enemy attacks.

Players can also use crowd control moves such as stun, freeze, and silence to stop enemies from attacking altogether. These moves are especially effective against enemies that have high damage output and hitpoints.

Strategy 3 Change Tactics Mid-Battle

In the Unbeatable dungeon, enemies have varying attack patterns and resistances. Players should adjust their tactics accordingly to counter these changes. For example, if an enemy is using a lot of magic attacks, players should switch to characters who have high magic resistance.

Players should also pay attention to enemy moves and debuffs that they are applying. By doing so, players can change tactics to counter these debuffs and prevent them from affecting their team.

Strategy 4 Focus on Certain Enemies First

Enemies in the Unbeatable dungeon have varying levels of importance. Some enemies are more dangerous than others, and thus, players should focus on defeating these enemies first. For example, ranged enemies and casters should be taken out first since they can inflict damage from afar and apply debuffs.

Players should also try to keep enemies grouped together to make crowd control moves more effective. By doing so, players can take out several enemies at once and make the battle more manageable.

In conclusion, the Unbeatable dungeon in Limbus Company is challenging, but with proper strategy and planning, players can overcome it. A balanced team, defensive moves, changing tactics mid-battle, and focusing on certain enemies are all key to fix Limbus Company Unbeatable dungeon. Remember, patience, and experimentation are vital to success in Limbus Company.

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