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Since the release of Limbus Company, players have been engaged in non-stop discussing the game and its different features. With the recent release of chapter 3, players have started to raise issues, concerns, and opinions about the game. We have gathered some of the popular thoughts and issues provided by players, so let’s take a deep dive into the game’s current state.

Chapter 3 A Team Checkpoint

The early checkpoint in chapter 3 has been a topic of discussion among players. While some players found it a challenge, others thought it was a checkpoint that required all team members to work together. This checkpoint symbolizes the need for teamwork and emphasizes the importance of collaboration to progress in the game’s later stages. For players that enjoy the challenge of Limbus Company, this checkpoint might add an extra layer of excitement.

Combat Issues

Combat issues have been a topic of concern among players since the release of Limbus Company. In chapter 3, these issues have become more evident, making it harder for players to progress. A particular example is the “Kromer Battle,” which many players have stated is overtuned. This battle poses challenges to players, making it difficult to find a balance between difficulty and fun.

Players have also noticed issues with combat mechanics. Some players have complained about clunky character movements, which affect the game’s overall combat playability. Additionally, the “abilities” feature of the game has been problematic in some cases, detracting from the game’s fun factor.

Lack of Tutorial

Another issue that has been raised by players is the lack of tutorial in Limbus Company. Some players have felt lost, without proper direction or guidance about the game’s mechanics. For new players, this can be frustrating and may lead to a frustrating experience. A more detailed tutorial early on may provide a more enjoyable experience and increase the chance of retaining players for longer periods.

What’s Next for Limbus Company?

While Limbus Company has had its share of issues, players remain optimistic about its future. Project Moon has prioritized listening to player feedback, addressing potential gameplay issues, and implementing much-needed features, ensuring a better overall experience.

According to Project Moon, they are planning to introduce a new PVP mode, which will provide players with a new level of gameplay. This feature is likely to be included in a future update, providing players with something new and exciting to look forward to. Additionally, the team is focusing on resolving the combat issue, adding to the game’s fun factor.


In conclusion, Limbus Company remains an exciting dungeon crawling RPG that players enjoy. However, some issues such as combat mechanics, checkpoint difficulty, and the lack of tutorials can alienate new players. Project Moon has noted these issues, and they are working towards ensuring a better gaming experience. The future looks bright for Limbus Company, and we can expect more updates and exciting content in the coming months.

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