Fix Limbus Company Why do you lose half of your EGO Shards once Season 1 ends? issue

. However, one particular issue that is causing confusion and frustration among players is the loss of half of their EGO Shards once Season 1 ends.

What are EGO Shards?

EGO Shards are essential components in Limbus Company that are used to level up characters, unlock character abilities, and perform character identity transfers. Without EGO Shards, players cannot progress their characters and make them stronger, which is why they are so valuable.

Why Do You Lose Half of Your EGO Shards Once Season 1 Ends?

The most significant problem with EGO Shards occurs when you lose half of them once Season 1 ends. This means that all the hard work you put into obtaining those shards will be cut in half, and you will need to start over during Season 2. This is frustrating for many players who spent countless hours gathering EGO Shards only to have them diminish got no apparent reason.

Although it may seem unreasonable to some, the reasoning behind this is simple – Limbus Company is a game that is heavily influenced by the anime industry. In anime, characters are continually growing and changing, reaching new levels of power and potential. Similarly, Limbus Company wants to replicate that growth by resetting the EGO Shard count every season, giving players a new chance to project their characters in a new way.

Why Is This Issue a Big Problem for Players?

The issue with EGO Shards is frustrating for many reasons, primarily because it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to accumulate them. Additionally, the characters in Limbus Company are already challenging enough to level up and develop, so the decay in EGO Shards means that players have to start over with the same process, making it somewhat pointless.

Moreover, players spend money buying EGO Shards using real-world currency, so losing half of them can result in significant financial loss. Losing such a significant portion of their EGO Shards can be a demotivating factor for players because they feel like they have to start all over again, putting in the same effort and time as before, with nothing noticeable to gain.

Possible Solutions

There are multiple possible solutions for the EGO Shards problem, in which Limbus Company can resolve this issue. One solution could be that EGO Shards can be transferred or converted between seasons, allowing players to retain some of their progress from earlier seasons. This would reward dedicated players and simplify the leveling up process.

Another solution is to incentivize the use of EGO Shards in some way during the new season. If Limbus Company offered bonus content or rewards for using EGO Shards from the previous season, players might find it more worthwhile to continue investing in their characters from previous seasons.


In conclusion, Limbus Company has experienced EGO Shard issues that have resulted in immense frustration and dissatisfaction among players. The idea that players lose half of their EGO Shards after Season 1 has ended is demotivating and confusing for many. Although Limbus Company wants to replicate the growth and evolution of anime characters, the loss of EGO Shards ultimately results in the loss of time, effort, and money for players.

There are several solutions that Limbus Company could implement to resolve this issue, such as transferring or converting EGO Shards between seasons or incentivizing the use of EGO Shards in new seasons. Whatever the solution may be, it is crucial that Limbus Company offers a resolution that enables players to feel more motivated and satisfied with their gameplay experience.

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