Fix Limbus Company Why is everything so COMPLICATED!? issue

. Limbus Company boasts of unique gameplay mechanics, colorful graphics, and a deep storyline. However, as with any game, there are certain issues that need addressing. One of these issues is the complexity of the gameplay mechanics. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at why everything seems so complicated in Limbus Company and how to fix it.

Understanding the Problem

The biggest issue that most players face in Limbus Company is the sheer complexity of the game’s mechanics. There are various systems running in the background that players need to keep in mind while playing the game. From matching colors to upgrading weapons, from managing resources to exploring dungeons, everything seems to require the player’s attention. This can be overwhelming for new players who are still trying to get the hang of the game.

Reasons Behind the Complexity

Before we can start discussing the possible solutions to this problem, let’s take a look at why the game is so complicated in the first place. Here are some reasons

  • Indulgence in Complexity The developers might have wanted to create a complex and immersive game that offers a challenge to the players. They might have believed that complexity is essential to the game’s success.
  • Market Demands With the influx of mobile gaming and console gaming in recent years, game developers have to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant. This means that they have to add new features and systems to keep the game fresh and interesting.
  • Player Feedback Players might have requested more features and mechanics to be added to the game, thus making it more complex. Developers often listen to player feedback and try to incorporate their suggestions.

Why Simplicity Matters in Video Games?

But, is complexity really a good thing when it comes to video games? While it’s true that challenging games are more appealing to some players, there is also a reason why many gamers prefer games that are easy to pick up and play. Here are some reasons

  • Accessibility The simpler the game mechanics, the easier it is for new players to understand and join in on the fun. This means that the game can have a broader audience, and more people can enjoy it.
  • Engagement A game that is too complicated can be overwhelming and frustrating, which can lead to players losing interest and moving on to something else.
  • Satisfaction A game that rewards players for making progress and achieving goals is more satisfying than a game that simply overwhelms the player with countless features and mechanics.

Therefore, it’s essential to find a balance between complexity and simplicity in video games.

Solutions to the Problem

So, how can the complexity issue be fixed in Limbus Company? Here are a few possible solutions

Solution 1 Streamline the Game Mechanics

The first solution is to streamline the game mechanics. This can be achieved by removing unnecessary features that are not crucial to the game’s core mechanics. Simplifying the game’s systems can help players focus on the vital aspects of the game without getting overwhelmed.


The weapon upgrading system in Limbus Company could be simplified by reducing the number of materials required for upgrading weapons. This would make the process less cumbersome and less confusing for new players.

Solution 2 Better Tutorials

Another way to make the game less complicated is to provide better tutorials. The game’s tutorials should be more comprehensive and detailed, so that players know exactly what to do and how to do it. This can help new players get up to speed faster and reduce the learning curve.


In the beginning stages of Limbus Company, the tutorials could be more in-depth and explain the various systems and mechanics of the game thoroughly. Additionally, the tutorials should be easily accessible throughout the game and not just in the beginning.

Solution 3 Progressive Leveling of Complexity

Lastly, the game mechanics can be designed to progressively increase in complexity as the player advances through the game. This means that the game would start with simple mechanics and gradually introduce more complex features as the player becomes more experienced.


In Limbus Company, the game could start with color-matching puzzles and gradually introduce the weapon upgrading system and dungeon exploration later on in the game.


In conclusion, while complexity can add depth and challenge to video games, it’s also important to keep simplicity in mind. Limbus Company might have overloaded players with too many game mechanics, making it more complicated than necessary. However, by streamlining the game mechanics, providing better tutorials, and progressively increasing the complexity, Limbus Company can become a more accessible and enjoyable game for everyone.

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