Fix Limbus Company You get special EGO transformation on corrosion (low sanity) issue

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. Limbus Company is a game that can be challenging and unforgiving, especially for new players. A particular issue that players may encounter is the EGO transformation on corrosion, which can be a major roadblock for players looking to make progress in the game. In this article, we will discuss the issue and how to fix it.

H2 What is EGO Transformation on Corrosion

In Limbus Company, EGO is a special skill that players can use to turn the tide of a battle in their favor. Players can activate EGO by channelling their energy and releasing it in a powerful attack that can deal massive damage to their enemies. However, when players’ sanity level is low, they can undergo EGO transformation on corrosion. In this state, players will be transformed into a powerful entity that can deal significant damage to both their enemies and allies at the same time.

H3 The Issue with EGO Transformation on Corrosion

The problem with EGO transformation on corrosion in Limbus Company is that players cannot control their actions when in this state. Players are susceptible to attack their allies, which can make combat significantly more challenging. Additionally, players in this state will continue to spam EGO skills every turn until their HP drops to a certain threshold. This issue can not only make combat harder but also make the game less enjoyable for players who are unable to progress due to it.

H3 How to Fix EGO Transformation on Corrosion

The developer, Project Moon, has not yet released an official fix for this issue. However, players can try the following workarounds to overcome the problem

1. Increase Sanity Level The main way to avoid undergoing EGO transformation on corrosion is by maintaining a high sanity level. Players can do this by using items like soothing incense or performing tasks that can increase their sanity level. By avoiding low sanity levels, players can avoid the risk of undergoing EGO transformation on corrosion.

2. Avoid Corrosion Players can try to avoid being hit by corrosion attacks by keeping their distance from enemies that can inflict it. Since corrosion attacks are not very common in the game, this strategy may be effective in some situations.

3. Use Ego-only Weapons Certain weapons in Limbus Company have an ego-only attribute, meaning they can only be used when a player is in EGO state. Players can equip these weapons and focus on using EGO skills at the right time, maximizing their damage output, and making the most of their EGO transformation.

H3 Conclusion

EGO transformation on corrosion can be a frustrating issue for players who want to enjoy Limbus Company’s gameplay. While it is not possible to completely fix the issue, players can employ the strategies outlined above to overcome it. By maintaining a high sanity level, avoiding corrosion attacks, and using ego-only weapons, players can continue to make progress in the game and experience all it has to offer. As players continue to explore the game’s mechanics, they will discover additional strategies that can help them overcome the various obstacles in their path.

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