Fix Sun Haven Anyone else with these issues? Why I’m dissappointed. {spoilers ig] :: Sun Haven General Discussions issue

Fix Sun Haven Anyone else with these issues? Why I’m disappointed. {spoilers ig}

The Problem with the Mines

One of the key mechanics in Sun Haven is mining, but unfortunately, the mines are neither rewarding nor consistent. Many players have complained about the lack of ore and the variety and rate at which they spawn. It is a frustrating experience, especially when you consider that mining is a crucial aspect of the game.

The Issue with Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics in Sun Haven are often criticized for being too hard and not balanced enough. The enemies’ levels are far too high compared to the players, and the weapons available are too weak to deal damage effectively. Even more infuriating is that grinding combat levels doesn’t give players access to more powerful weapons. It seems like a redundant and unfair process.

Currency Related Confusion

The game features many different kinds of currency, which players find confusing and unnecessary. The currencies aren’t consistent in their value, and players face a unique grind for each one. This creates a frustrating experience, and it feels like a waste of time.

Useless Skills

The variety of skills available to players in Sun Haven is vast, but most of them are either useless or don’t make a significant impact on the gameplay. Some skills are so impractical that players end up ignoring them entirely. It would be great to have more useful skills that contribute to the overall gaming experience.

Seeds and Farming

Another significant aspect of Sun Haven is farming, but it is not rewarding, and it is challenging to make a profit out of it. The different kinds of seeds available to the players often don’t yield much, and players will only make a mere 10 gold on a crop, which can take up to seven days to grow. Creating food items with them is the only viable option, and hence there is a lack of variety when it comes to farming.

The slow movement of characters and dashing costs mana?

The movement mechanics in Sun Haven are frustrating. Players run too slow, and dashing costs mana, which is also a crafting resource. This, coupled with the confusing currency system, leads to a tedious gaming experience, which many players find disappointing. It would be much better if the game mechanics were streamlined and user-friendly.

The need to level up

Leveling up in Sun Haven is too slow, which often ends up discouraging the players. The system needs to be balanced so that players can progress faster and experience the more exciting aspects of the game.


While the gameplay mechanics of Sun Haven are promising, there are still many issues that players are hoping to see addressed soon. The game has a lot of potential, and with the right changes and updates, it could turn into a fantastic gaming experience.

List of Issues in Sun Haven

  • Mining is not rewarding.
  • Combat mechanics are not balanced.
  • Confusing currency system.
  • Useless skills.
  • Farming is not rewarding.
  • Slow movement of characters and dashing costs mana.
  • Slow leveling up process.

The Possible Solutions

  • Make Mining more rewarding and consistent.
  • Balance the combat mechanics better.
  • Simplify the types of currencies needed.
  • Make skills more practical and useful.
  • Increase rewards for farming.
  • Make movement more user-friendly.
  • Speed up the leveling up process.

Table of Currencies

Name of Currency What it’s for Issues
Gold Main currency used for buying crops, items, and upgrades. Not enough gold is earned
Mana Resource used for dashing and magic. Costs gold to refill and difficult to earn
Glimmering Dust Used for crafting enchanted items. Difficult to obtain and relies on luck.
Crystal Shards Currency used for upgrading weapons and armor. Difficult to obtain and inconsistent value.

We hope the developers of the game will listen to the issues raised by the players and make appropriate changes to improve the overall gaming experience of Sun Haven.

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