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Sun Haven is a popular farming game where players can build their farm and relationships with the townsfolk, or embark on a quest of magic, monsters, and dragons. One of the interesting aspects of the game is the ability to farm honey and bees. In this article, we will discuss how to fix Sun Haven bees or honey issue.

Learning Beeboxes in Sun Haven

To start farming honey in Sun Haven, players need to learn beeboxes. This can be achieved by going to the farming section of the skill tree. Once you have learned the skill, you can build beeboxes on your farm.

Producing Honey in Sun Haven

In order to produce honey, you need to have 12 flowers placed around each beebox. It can be any type of flower, but different flowers yield different types of honey. For instance, daisies will produce a lighter honey while sunflowers will produce a darker honey. It is important to note that the flowers need to be in close proximity to the beebox to produce honey.

Table 1 Different Flowers and their Honey Yield

Flower Honey Type
Sunflowers Dark Honey
Roses Light Honey
Daisies Light Honey

Buying Honey from Vendors in Sun Haven

If you prefer to buy honey instead of producing it on your farm, you can purchase it from vendors. Cynthia, located at the top right in town, sells honey. This option is particularly useful if you need honey quickly for a quest available on the bulletin board.

Fixing the Issue with Bees in Sun Haven

Sometimes, players may encounter issues with bees in Sun Haven. If your beeboxes are not producing honey, it could be due to a few reasons.

No Flowers Near Beeboxes

One of the most common reasons why beeboxes are not producing honey is a lack of flowers nearby. As mentioned earlier, each beebox needs to have 12 flowers in close proximity to produce honey. Make sure that you have enough flowers around each beebox.

No Queen Bee

Another reason why beeboxes may not be producing honey is the absence of a queen bee. Queen bees can be obtained by either purchasing them from a vendor or finding them in the wild. Once you have a queen bee, it needs to be placed in the beebox to start producing honey.

Incorrect Placement of Beeboxes

Finally, beeboxes may not be producing honey due to incorrect placement. Beeboxes need to be placed in an open area with plenty of sun exposure. Make sure that there are no obstructions or objects blocking sunlight from hitting the beeboxes.


Honey and bees are an interesting facet of Sun Haven that adds to the gameplay experience. By following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you can start farming honey successfully. Remember, beeboxes need flowers and sun exposure to produce honey, and queen bees need to be placed in the beebox. If you encounter issues with bees in Sun Haven, make sure to check for flowers, queen bees, and correct placement of beeboxes. Happy farming!

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