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Fixing Sun Haven Bugs and Questions


Sun Haven is a farming simulation and adventure game that has quickly attracted the attention of casual gamers around the world. However, like all newly released games, Sun Haven is not immune to bugs and issues that affect the gameplay experience. In this article, we will discuss some common bugs and questions players have faced while playing the game and how to fix them.

Bug #1 Custard Not Working

One of the bugs players have faced while playing Sun Haven is with the Custard. Some players have reported that they cannot eat the Custard even though they have made it successfully. This issue might be frustrating for players who invested their time and resources in making Custard.

To fix this bug, the player needs to ensure that they have enough space in their inventory. Custard takes two inventory slots. If the player has a full inventory, they will not be able to pick up the Custard. Additionally, the player needs to check that the Custard is not spoiled. If Custard is not consumed quickly, it can spoil.

Bug #2 Cannot Drag, Drop or Split Items

Another bug that players have reported is with the inability to drag, drop or split items. Players use this feature extensively while farming and interacting with the gameplay environment. This issue can affect the gameplay experience for players who may require the feature to fulfill quests or other gameplay-related objectives.

To fix this issue, players need to check if their mouse or controller is malfunctioning. A malfunctioning mouse or controller can cause the issue. If the mouse or controller works fine, players may need to clear out the cache and restart their computer.

If the above solutions do not resolve the problem, then players can try reinstalling the game. This should fix any issues that may have arisen due to an issue in the game files.

Questions #1 How to Build Relationships with Townsfolk?

Sun Haven is more than just a farming simulator. It is also an adventure game that includes the opportunity for the player to build relationships with the townsfolk. However, some players may not know how to do that effectively.

To build relationships with townsfolk, players need to interact with them. Players can do this by talking to the townsfolk daily, gifting them items, completing their personal quests and inviting them to festivals. The more players interact with the townsfolk, the more their relationship with them improves.

Questions #2 Can Sun Haven be Played Solo?

Sun Haven is an eight player multiplayer game that allows players to enjoy the game with friends or with strangers. However, some players may prefer playing Sun Haven solo.

Yes, Sun Haven can be played solo. Players can choose the single-player option while starting the game. In single-player mode, players will have the same gameplay experience, but without any human interaction.


Sun Haven is an exciting farming simulator and adventure game that can provide hours of entertainment for gamers. However, like any game, Sun Haven is not immune to bugs and questions that can affect the gameplay experience. By following the above solutions, players can effectively overcome the common bugs and questions and enjoy playing Sun Haven.

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