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In Sun Haven, accidentally cancelling a quest can be frustrating, especially when it is a quest that helps in increasing relationships and brings rewards such as experience and money. One player on the Sun Haven forum sought information on whether cancelling a quest can cause problems in the game. This article will explore the issue and provide solutions to fixing cancelled quests in Sun Haven.

Why Cancelling a Quest is an Option?

Cancelling a quest is often an option in games to allow players to change their mind or opt-out of a quest they may no longer want to complete. It is also possible that the quest may no longer be relevant, or the player may not have the necessary skills to complete it. Sun Haven, like many other games, provides an option for players to cancel quests.

The Issues with Cancelling Quests

While cancelling quests may be helpful in some cases, it can also result in issues and regret, as the player may miss out on valuable rewards or lose opportunities to increase their relationships with NPCs. One Sun Haven player asked if cancelling a quest would be an issue, as they had accidentally cancelled the quest to get medicine from Catherine’s farm shop, and could not find the medicine.

The response from another player suggests that cancelling quests is not a major issue, as this particular quest only provides a slight reward and is not essential to the game’s progression. However, cancelling some quests can cause problems, such as quests that are part of a series or those that unlock a new area in the game.

How to Fix Cancelled Quests in Sun Haven

If you have accidentally cancelled a quest in Sun Haven, do not worry as there are ways to fix it. Here are some solutions to fix cancelled quests in Sun Haven

1. Speak to the Quest Giver

One way to fix a cancelled quest is to speak to the quest giver. They may offer you the quest again or give you some advice on how to proceed. Some quests may not be repeatable, so it is essential to complete them the first time if possible.

2. Check Your Journal

If you cancel a quest, it may still be listed in your journal. Check your journal to see if the cancelled quest is still there. If it is, you may be able to restart the quest by clicking on it in your journal.

3. Restart the Game

If all else fails, consider restarting the game. This may be frustrating if you have already made significant progress, but it may be the only way to fix some cancelled quests. Before restarting the game, ensure that you back up your game data to avoid losing your progress.


Cancelling quests in Sun Haven is an option that players may use, but it can cause regret and issues, especially if the quest is valuable or has a significant impact on the game’s progression. However, there are ways to fix cancelled quests, such as speaking to the quest giver, checking your journal, and restarting the game. Before cancelling a quest, consider the consequences and make sure that it is the right decision. Sun Haven is a great game to play, and clearing cancelled quests will ensure that you experience it to the fullest.

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