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Fix Sun Haven’s Constant Shift + Clicking Issue

The Problem

Sun Haven is an engaging game where you can build your farm, interact with townsfolk, and embark on quests of magic, monsters, and dragons. However, some players have been experiencing a problem where they are constantly shift + clicking when in their inventory. When they normally click on an item, it moves the full stack to their hotbar, and the same happens when they try to send it back. They cannot click and drag items from their hotbar or inventory, and they are unable to split stacks of items. This issue makes it challenging for them to equip different items in different slots or manage their inventory efficiently.

The Possible Cause

The issue might be due to a conflict between the game’s controls and your keyboard or mouse settings. Some players have reported that the Razer Orbweaver device causes the issue, but others have encountered it with different devices or no device at all.

Possible Solutions

Here are some possible solutions that have worked for some players

1. Check for Sticky Keys

Make sure that Sticky Keys are disabled on your computer. Sticky Keys might be the cause of the issue, and disabling them might solve the problem.

2. Try a Different Keyboard or Mouse

If you have a spare keyboard or mouse, try using them to play the game. Some players have reported that changing their keyboard or mouse solved the problem.

3. Modify Your Device’s Settings

If you are using a device with customizable settings, try modifying them to see if it makes a difference. For example, some players have reported that changing the Razer Orbweaver device’s settings to “Normal” mode instead of “Gaming” mode solved the issue.

4. Contact the Developers

If none of the above solutions work, you can contact the game’s developers to report the issue and ask for their assistance. They might be able to provide a patch, update, or workaround to solve the problem.


In conclusion, the constantly shift + clicking issue in Sun Haven can be frustrating, but there are possible solutions that you can try. Checking for Sticky Keys, trying a different keyboard or mouse, modifying your device’s settings, or contacting the developers are some of the options. Hopefully, one of these solutions will help you enjoy the game without any hassles.


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Problem Cause Solution
Constantly shift + clicking in Sun Haven’s inventory Conflict between game’s controls and keyboard/mouse settings Check for Sticky Keys, try a different keyboard or mouse, modify device’s settings, or contact developers

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