Fix Sun Haven I am also having this issue! I got an owl that disappeared and now, i'm getting the same message when I try to demolish my house…. issue


Sun Haven is a popular farming and adventure game where players can build their farms and engage in various quests. However, some players have recently reported an issue where they receive an error message stating “Can’t upgrade house when there is a pet inside” even when their house is completely empty. This article will explore this issue and offer possible solutions to fix it.

Possible Causes of the Issue

The “Can’t upgrade house when there is a pet inside” error message may have several underlying causes, including

1. Glitch in game code

One possible cause of this issue is a glitch in the game code. This can occur when certain actions in the game do not execute as intended, leading to unexpected behavior.

2. Pet disappearance

Another possible cause of this issue is the disappearance of a player’s pet. This can happen when a pet wanders off or when the game does not register its presence in the house.

Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue

Depending on the cause of the issue, there are several possible solutions that players can try to fix the “Can’t upgrade house when there is a pet inside” error message.

1. Restart the game

If the issue is due to a glitch in the game code, restarting the game might help. Players can try closing the game and reopening it, or restarting their device.

2. Check the pet’s location

If the issue is due to the disappearance of a pet, players should check their pet’s location. Generally, pets can be found in the player’s house or wandering around the farm. If the pet cannot be found, players can try sleeping in their bed, as this will sometimes cause pets to reappear.

3. Contact customer support

If the above solutions do not work, players can contact the Sun Haven customer support team. They can be contacted via email or through the official Sun Haven Discord server. Be sure to include as much information as possible about the issue, including any error messages received and steps taken to try and fix it.


In conclusion, the “Can’t upgrade house when there is a pet inside” error message can be frustrating for players, but there are several possible causes and solutions. By trying the above fixes or contacting customer support, players can get back to enjoying their favorite game without any issues.

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