Fix Sun Haven I am having the same issue but I don't have anything like that program installed. Drivers up to date, happens with nothing else, only Sun Haven.. The cursor disappears when not being moved, as soon… issue


Sun Haven is a popular farming and adventure game loved by gamers worldwide. However, some players have reported a mouse cursor issue that is preventing them from enjoying the game. The issue involves the cursor disappearing when not being moved and flickering when in motion. It then moves to the upper left corner of the screen and becomes unresponsive. In this article, we will discuss the issue and provide solutions to fix it.

The Issue

The cursor flickering and disappearing issue in Sun Haven is not uncommon. It is a frustrating problem that affects gameplay and can make the game unplayable. Players have reported that the issue only occurs in Sun Haven and not in any other game or application. Some players have also reported that they do not have any controller or software that could cause the issue.

Possible Causes

The cursor issue in Sun Haven could be caused by several factors, including

  • Outdated or missing graphics driver
  • Incompatibility with other software or applications
  • Bugs in the game code
  • Corrupted game files


Here are some possible solutions to fix the cursor issue in Sun Haven.

Update Graphics Driver

An outdated or missing graphics driver could cause the cursor issue in Sun Haven. To fix this, update your graphics driver to the latest version. You can do this by visiting the website of your graphics card manufacturer and downloading the latest driver for your card.

Disable Other Software or Applications

Other software or applications running on your computer could interfere with Sun Haven and cause the cursor issue. To fix this, disable any other software or applications running in the background and try playing Sun Haven again.

Verify Game Files

Corrupted game files could cause the cursor issue in Sun Haven. To fix this, verify the game files using the Steam client. Right-click on Sun Haven in the Steam library, select Properties, and click on the Local Files tab. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files and wait for the process to complete.

Change Controller Settings

Some players have reported that changing the controller settings in Steam can fix the cursor issue in Sun Haven. To do this, go to the Steam client settings, select the controller tab, and change the controller settings for Sun Haven.

Switch to Stablerollbranch Build

If all else fails, you can try switching to the Stablerollbranch build of Sun Haven. This version is more stable and less prone to bugs and issues. To switch to this version, right-click on Sun Haven in the Steam library, select Properties, and click on the Betas tab. Select the Stablerollbranch build and wait for the game to update.


The cursor issue in Sun Haven is a common problem that can affect gameplay and make the game unplayable. However, with the solutions provided in this article, you can fix the problem and enjoy playing Sun Haven. Whether you are building your farm or going on an adventure, Sun Haven is a great game that offers hours of fun and entertainment.

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