Fix Sun Haven I couldnt have said it better myself. It was so promising, and they basically ruined it and then dumped it in the trash and started a new game. Talk about serious commitment issues – i wouldnt even… issue

What Happened to Sun Haven?

When Sun Haven first entered Early Access, it had a lot of potential. The charming art style and unique combat system made it stand out among other farming simulators. However, as time went on, the game started to become bloated and scattered, with poorly thought out ideas and incomplete areas.

Too Many Unfinished Areas

One of the biggest issues with Sun Haven was the introduction of new areas before the first area was even close to finishing. As more areas were added, the game became more scattered and incomplete. By the time the game was released, there were three incomplete areas and the game felt like a mess.

Underdeveloped Features

Husbandry was barely functional and dating was practically nonexistent. The game had a lot of features, but they were poorly developed and didn’t add much to the overall experience. Sun Haven became bloated for no reason, and it ultimately detracted from the game’s appeal.

Poor Management of Development

It seems like the developers had commitment issues with Sun Haven. Rather than focusing on the game until it was complete, they continually added new areas and features without finishing existing ones. This created a scattered mess that wasn’t enjoyable to play.

The Missed Opportunities of Sun Haven

If the developers had focused 100% on Sun Haven until they finished everything, with every romance character (and maybe even adding a few more), the game could have been something special. DLC with new areas could have been added once they were fully developed, rather than tacking them on before the game was finished. If Sun Haven had been developed in this way, it could have rivaled the Rune Factory series.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Sun Haven missed the mark. It was promising, but ultimately ruined by poor management and a lack of focus. While it’s disappointing, let’s hope that Coral Island, another upcoming farming simulator, will avoid making the same mistakes as Sun Haven.

Pros Cons
Charming Art Style Scattered and Incomplete Areas
Unique Combat System Underdeveloped Features
Multiplayer Support Poor Management of Development
  • Focus on completing existing features before adding new ones.
  • Develop romance options fully with every character before releasing the game.
  • Release new areas as DLC once they are fully developed.

Sun Haven had potential, but it missed the mark. Hopefully, developers can learn from Sun Haven’s mistakes and create a better farming simulator in the future.

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