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Fix Sun Haven Locked at 10 Hearts Issue

Sun Haven is a popular farming and life simulation game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide. One of the most significant aspects of the game is building relationships with the townsfolk and progressing towards dating and eventually marriage. However, some players have faced the issue of getting stuck at 10 hearts with their chosen NPC. In this article, we will discuss this problem and provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

Understanding the 10 Hearts Lock

The 10 hearts lock is a problem that occurs when a player reaches 10 hearts with an NPC, and there’s no progression towards dating or marriage. This issue has been reported by several players across various forums and Sun Haven communities. The primary cause of this problem is unknown, but it may be related to a bug or outdated guide.

Steps to Fix the 10 Hearts Lock Issue

The following steps will help you fix the 10 hearts lock issue in Sun Haven

Step 1 Purchase a Love Letter

The first step is to visit the town hall and purchase a love letter. This item costs 3000G and is available at the community center. The love letter is used to initiate the dating process with an NPC.

Step 2 Gift the Love Letter

After purchasing the love letter, you can gift it to the NPC you want to date. However, this will only work if the NPC has already reached 10 hearts. If the NPC has not reached 10 hearts yet, you need to continue building your relationship with them and giving them gifts until they reach that milestone.

Step 3 Make a Choice

After gifting the love letter, the NPC will ask you whether you want to be in a serious relationship or not. If you choose yes, you will start dating the NPC, and their heart level will increase over time. If you choose no, you can try again by gifting them another love letter or wait until you have a higher heart level with them.

Step 4 Purchase a Wedding Ring

If you want to take your relationship with the NPC to the next level, you can purchase a wedding ring at the community center. The wedding ring costs 100 community tokens and is used to propose to the NPC.

Step 5 Propose Marriage

Once you have the wedding ring, you can gift it to the NPC, and they will ask you whether you want to get married or not. If you choose yes, you and the NPC will have a wedding ceremony, and you will be officially married.


In conclusion, the 10 hearts lock issue in Sun Haven is a common problem that players face when trying to progress their relationships with the NPCs. However, with the right steps and strategies, you can easily fix this problem and take your relationship to the next level. Remember to keep gifting, building your relationship, and following the steps above to avoid getting stuck at 10 hearts.

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