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Sun Haven is a farming simulation game that allows players to build their farm, forge relationships with townsfolk, and go on adventures. One of the key features of the game is the romance aspect, where players can date and eventually marry certain NPCs. However, there have been reports of a multiplayer bug that prevents players from progressing in their romances. In this article, we will discuss the bug and how to fix it.

The Romance Bug

The romance bug in Sun Haven’s multiplayer mode has been reported by several players. The bug prevents players from giving love letters to NPCs, despite having a high enough relationship level. The game will display an error message that says the player should not be dating or married to that particular NPC.

How to Identify the Bug

To identify the romance bug in Sun Haven, players should look for the following signs

  • Unable to give love letters to an NPC despite having a high relationship level.
  • Receiving an error message that states the player should not be dating or married to a certain NPC.
  • Unable to progress in the romance storyline despite completing all the talking options and going on a date.

Cause of the Bug

The cause of the romance bug in Sun Haven is not yet known. However, it is suspected that it may be related to server lag or a syncing issue between the players’ games.

How to Fix the Romance Bug

Although the cause of the romance bug in Sun Haven has not been identified, there are a few steps that players can take to fix the issue.

Step 1 Restart the Game

The first step in fixing the romance bug is to restart the game. This can be done by closing the game entirely and reopening it. This will refresh the game and may resolve any issues related to server lag or syncing issues.

Step 2 Check the Relationship Level

Players should check the relationship level of the NPC they are trying to romance. They need to have a high enough relationship level to progress in the romance storyline. The relationship level can be checked by speaking to the NPC and selecting the heart icon.

Step 3 Check for any Unresolved Quests

Players should check for any unresolved quests related to the romance storyline. Sometimes, completing a specific quest can trigger the next step in the romance storyline.

Step 4 Contact Support

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, players should contact the Sun Haven support team for assistance. They can be reached via email or social media platforms.


The romance bug in Sun Haven’s multiplayer mode can be frustrating for players who are trying to progress in their romances. However, by following the above steps, players can resolve the issue and continue enjoying the game. It is important to note that the developers are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it in future updates.

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