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Fix Sun Haven Seems Like the Game Was Released, Can’t Say I’m Not Disappointed

When Sun Haven first entered EA, it had great potential to rival the likes of Rune Factory. However, the game went downhill as it progressed. Now that the game is officially released, it is a scattered mess with a lot of poorly thought out ideas, leading to disappointment among the players. In this article, we will discuss the issues in Sun Haven and how they can be fixed to make the game enjoyable.

The Issues With Sun Haven

Incomplete Areas

One of the significant issues with Sun Haven is that the developers introduced new areas without completing the previous ones. This led to a bloated game with many areas, all of which were incomplete. Players were frustrated that there were no new features despite having many incomplete areas. This can be fixed by completing each area before introducing new ones, ensuring that players have enough content to play with.

Poorly Thought-Out Ideas

Another issue with Sun Haven is that some of the ideas introduced in the game were poorly thought out. For instance, the game introduced a husbandry system that barely worked, and the dating feature was non-existent. These features were not interesting, and they sounded like they were introduced just for the sake of having more features. The developers need to focus on quality instead of quantity and work on each feature until it is impressive and meaningful.

Lack of Focus

The lack of focus is another issue that has affected Sun Haven. The game tried to offer so much content that it lost its core focus. The developers need to focus on the central theme of the game and work on developing that aspect of the game more. This will ensure that the game is enjoyable and that players can immerse themselves in the experience.

How to Fix Sun Haven

Now that we have highlighted the issues with Sun Haven let’s discuss how we can fix the game to make it enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions

Complete Each Area Before Introducing New Ones

The developers need to complete each area before introducing new ones. This will ensure that players have a complete and fulfilling gaming experience. Players would instead have one full area than multiple unfinished areas.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

The quality of the features in Sun Haven needs to improve. The developers need to focus on quality instead of quantity. Each feature should be unique, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Focus on the Core Theme of the Game

The developers need to focus on the central theme of the game and work on developing that aspect of the game more. The game should offer a fulfilling gaming experience centered around farming, relationships, and questing. These should be the core features, and the developers should work on them first before introducing any additional features.

Engage With the Community

The developers should engage with the community to gather feedback, suggestions, and concerns. This will help them improve the game based on what players want. They should be transparent with the community and keep them updated on the progress of the game.


In conclusion, Sun Haven has great potential, but it needs some significant improvements to become an enjoyable game. Completing each area before introducing new ones, focusing on quality over quantity, and engaging with the community are some of the steps that the developers can take to fix the game. We hope that the developers will take these suggestions into account and work towards making Sun Haven the game that players want and deserve.

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