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Sun Haven is an enchanting farming and adventure game that offers multiplayer functionality as well. The game has recently undergone updates and is about to undergo version 1.0 release. However, there has been an ongoing issue with the game’s multiplayer feature. In this article, we will be discussing the status of Sun Haven’s multiplayer mode and if it has been fixed.

What is Sun Haven?

Sun Haven is a farming and adventure game developed by Mahjong games. It is a game where you can enjoy farming, raising animals, and building relationships with the townsfolk. You can also embark on quests that involve magic, monsters, and dragons. The game also offers a skill tree system that can be leveled up in 8 person multiplayer or solo. With the recent updates, the game has become more immersive and enjoyable.

What is the Multiplayer Issue?

The multiplayer issue in Sun Haven has been an ongoing problem for players. One of the major problems is that the quests are tracked individually, and this makes it challenging to progress together. Additionally, some major plot points require players to do them solo in multiplayer. For example, fighting new bosses must be done individually instead of fighting them together. This has led to the multiplayer feature feeling more like a single-player game played at the same time.

What are the Advantages of Multiplayer in Sun Haven?

  • Double the money Players can grab a quest on the bulletin board together and double the money.
  • Solo or 8-person multiplayer The game offers the option to level up through the skill tree system in both solo and 8 person multiplayer modes.
  • Forge ahead together You can forge ahead together with fellow players and create a stronger bond in the game.

What are the Disadvantages of Multiplayer in Sun Haven?

  • Individual quest progress Players have to track their quest progress individually which makes it challenging to progress together.
  • Solo plot points Some major plot points in the game have to be done solo, and this takes away from the multiplayer feature’s essence.
  • Fighting new bosses Fighting new bosses must be done individually, and this takes away from the experience of fighting together with players.

Has the Multiplayer Issue been Fixed?

The developers of Sun Haven have responded to the community’s concerns, and yes, the multiplayer issue has been fixed. With the new update, players can now progress through quests together, and the progress is tracked collectively. New bosses can also be fought together, and major plot points can now be done in multiplayer mode.

What are the Changes to the Multiplayer Feature?

  • Collective quest progress Players can now track their quest progress collectively, making it easier to progress together.
  • Fighting new bosses together New bosses can now be fought together, adding to the multiplayer feature’s experience.
  • Major plot point updates Major plot points that had to be done solo in multiplayer mode have now been updated, and players can enjoy them together.


Sun Haven is an excellent game with a unique mix of farming and adventure. The addition of multiplayer functionality added to the game’s essence, but the multiplayer issue hindered its full potential. However, with the recent update, the multiplayer feature has been fixed, and players can now enjoy the game together better. So, gather your friends and embark on a magical adventure together with Sun Haven’s multiplayer mode.

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