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Sun Haven is a popular game that simulates farming and relationships with townsfolk, while also incorporating a quest of magic, monsters, and dragons. It was developed by the team at Pixel Sprout Studios and was released on Steam on September 7, 2021. However, after the release, users started to report an unusual issue with the controller support. They stated that the game was “fully released” with partial controller support, causing a great deal of frustration for many players. This article aims to discuss this issue in detail.

The Controller Support Issue

Upon the release of Sun Haven, many players complained that the game had partial controller support, which was not mentioned in the game’s specifications before its release. They reported that they had to use the analog stick like a mouse while accessing the inventory and it really made it a slog. Moreover, players also discovered that they had to get their mouse and keyboard out to use the map, as well.

Issues with Inventory and Controller Support

One of the main issues with the controller support is with the inventory system. Players complained that they had to use the analog stick as a mouse to select items in their inventory, which makes the process very slow and frustrating. This also makes it difficult for players who are accustomed to using controllers to navigate their inventory with ease.

Workaround for Inventory Issue

To fix this issue, the developers suggested using a workaround by mapping mouse inputs to the controller. However, players have reported that this solution is rather cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using a controller in the first place.

Issues with the Map and Controller Support

Another issue that players have reported is that they have to use mouse and keyboard to access the map, which is another basic feature that should be accessible through the controller. Players complained that this workaround is also cumbersome and time-consuming, making it frustrating for players to switch between controllers and mouse and keyboard depending on the function they need.

The Impact of Partial Controller Support

The partial controller support in Sun Haven has greatly impacted the gameplay experience for players who prefer to play with a controller. They have to deal with slow, cumbersome navigation when using the inventory, which slows the gameplay down and causes frustration. The inability to access basic features like the map through the controller has also made gameplay more time-consuming.

Controller Support Complaints on Steam Community Forum

Many players have taken to the Steam Community forum to express their displeasure with the partial controller support. These complaints have also discouraged potential buyers who prefer playing games with controllers. This could potentially damage the game’s reputation and sales.

Impact on Pixel Sprout Studios

The issue of partial controller support in Sun Haven has also impacted Pixel Sprout Studios’ reputation negatively. Many players feel that they were misled about the controller support and are now frustrated with the game. This could lead to a loss of trust in the developer, making it difficult for them to attract new players to their future games.

The Developer’s Response to Controller Support Issues

The developers at Pixel Sprout Studios have acknowledged the issue with the partial controller support and have promised to release a patch to address this issue. In the meantime, they have suggested workarounds for players to use mouse inputs with their controllers. They have also apologized for the inconvenience caused and stated that they are working hard to address the issue.

Patch Release to Address Controller Support Issue

Pixel Sprout Studios released a patch on September 16, which they claimed would fix the partial controller support issue in Sun Haven. However, players who have tested the patch mentioned that it did not resolve the inventory, map, and other basic functionalities’ controller support issues.

Further Updates and Fixes by Developers

The team at Pixel Sprout Studios is actively working towards resolving these issues with Sun Haven’s controller support. They are currently testing new changes, and hopefully, they will release a patch soon that will address these issues.


In conclusion, Sun Haven gameplay experience for controller players is frustrating due to the partial controller support issue, and players must shift back and forth between using controllers and mouse and keyboard. While Pixel Sprout Studios has acknowledged the issue, the workaround suggested by Pixel Sprout Studios hasn’t been able to resolve these issues, further frustrating their players. Hopefully, future patches will address these issues and improve the game’s reputation for Pixel Sprout Studios.

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