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Introducing Sun Haven The Co-op Farming Multiplayer Adventure Game

Sun Haven is an upcoming farming multiplayer game. The game is set in a beautiful world and will take you on an adventure filled with magic, monsters, and dragons. With its multiplayer/co-op feature, Sun Haven has a lot to offer as you can play alone or with friends. You can build your farm and relationships with neighboring townsfolk to progress in the game. The game also includes leveling up through a skill tree and exploring different areas on a quest. But with all its exciting features, there is one issue that has been bothering gamers- the Fix Sun Haven Timeflow and Co-op.

The Problem at hand- Time Continues to Flow while in Dialogue or Menus

One common issue that gamers face while playing co-op farming games is that time continues to flow in-game despite being engaged in a dialogue or being in the menus. This creates a situation where the character may pass out after dialogue, and it’s especially problematic if the cutscene is triggered late at night. This issue also happened in “Stardew Valley”.

“Yes, time keeps flowing. I had the same issue with my GF in Stardew.

But you can add more time in a day to from the default 20 mins; we bumped it up to 30 mins because of that.”

Solution- Fixing Sun Haven Timeflow and Co-op

The Sun Haven community and developers are aware of this issue and are working to fix it. The developers have assured the community that they will be looking into this issue and will fix it in the next update. Meanwhile, the community has come up with some temporary solutions, which can be a helpful workaround until the developers provide a fix.

Workaround Solution 1- Installing Mods

Modding is a popular way of customizing games and improving the gameplay experience. Although most games don’t support mods, Sun Haven has stated that it will support mods. Installing mods will enable players to modify the game and fix the timeflow issue. Players can look for mods from the Sun Haven modding community and install them to fix the timeflow issue.

Workaround Solution 2- Increasing a Day’s Duration

Another solution that gamers have been using to compensate for the timeflow issue is extending the duration of a day. This solution is similar to the one suggested by the “Stardew Valley” gamer community. Players can increase a day’s duration from the default 20 minutes to 30-40 minutes, giving them more time to complete tasks and engage in cutscenes and dialogues without worrying about passing out at night. This solution can be done by tweaking the game’s settings.

Workaround Solution 3- Using Save Files

Saving the game manually is another solution that can be used to prevent passing out in-game. Players can save the game before engaging in a dialogue or cutscene, and if time passes by and they are still in dialogue, they can exit and start from the saved file. While this method is not ideal, it can be helpful in managing the timeflow issue.


As gamers, we all want to enjoy our gaming experience without being bothered by game issues. Sun Haven is a game that has a lot to offer and is expected to be a great farming multiplayer game, but the timeflow issue has been bothering gamers. However, with the community and developers working together, we expect the issue to be resolved soon.

Meanwhile, using the suggested workarounds, such as installing mods, increasing days’ duration, and saving the game manually, can help manage the timeflow issue. We hope that this article has been helpful to gamers experiencing the Fix Sun Haven Timeflow and Co-op issue.

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