“Game Director Confirms: No Plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC”

No Plans for Hogwarts Legacy DLC

Success of Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros. has celebrated the success of Hogwarts Legacy which is the largest of 2023 games and the most successful Harry Potter game. It racked up more than 22.2 million hours in just two weeks. This includes brewing 242 million potions, defeating more than 1 million dark wizards and establishing 393 million magical plants. It also got a 39% rise in online views for this game, especially the 2018 film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

No Plans for DLC

IGN manager Alan Tew said that there isn’t any plans for DLC to do now. This puts Hogwarts Legacy in a similar situation to Elden Ring, in that although you don’t usually assume the major DLC was a given, no announcements have yet been announced even though the publisher and developer have both been hinting at it. Tew is likely to be choking, maybe trying to discourage people who come and wait for the game of the year edition, and even if work hasn’t begun yet there will be a DLC expansion at some point.

Future Plans

If its not a priority currently, it might be a good year or two before it gets ready. With the PlayStation exclusive quest, as may be, the additions can be made larger before that. The game’s success will hopefully encourage Warner Bros to use its many other IPs, especially the DC Comics universe, who have the only recent big budget game which became the disappointing Gotham Knights. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice is narrated by May, but the word of mouth has been poor for that has been for so far, although that may change after this new state of play appearance.


Hogwarts Legacy certainly may have been conjured up and its success has been celebrated. However, according to its director there are no plans for any DLC. It won’t likely arrive very quickly, but hopefully it’ll last as long as the six years of the Hogwarts Legacy in development last. If you want to send e-mails and other features for a book, just use our Submit link. You can see more about these experiences on the gambling page.

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