“Gather Your Team! Mr. Mime Joins the Battle in Pokemon: Team Up Part 15”

The Cards of Pokemon: Team Up Part 15: Mr. Mime

Four years ago, Pokemon TCG released the ninth main series set of the Sun & Moon era. The expansion, Sun & Moon Team Up, took place on September 9th, 2022. This English-language expansion was inspired by Japanese set Tag Bolt and was inspired by Kanto-inspired games To play, Pikachu and To play, Eevee! Let’s look back on this influential set and appreciate the art that would lay the foundation for the alter-ego era of Sword and Shield. Today we continue to be called Sun & Moon Group.

Mr. Mime GX

In a setting where the UP GX cards take up most of the Ultra Rare slots, the standard single-Poker GXs and this computer-generated art style are a little underwhelming. Especially because Mitsuhiro Arita illustrates all of the standard TAG TEAM GX cards. This Mr. Mime is a lot cool to me, as it is illustrated by 5ban Graphics, that Mr. Mime is a little more unlikely choice for a GX. In 2004 this species was very rare.


Cosmog is a cutie on this bysui card, where soft art looks like all the best Lisa Frank folder art is distilled into a beautiful cloud of happiness smiling and smiling.


As we continue to spotlight the Pokémon TCG’s card and art, the team’s Moon is running for an eight-month long drive. The focus of this movie continues next time.

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