generation “Experience the Magic of Octopath Traveler II: A Wonderful RPG for This Generation”

Octopath Traveler II: Return of a Wonderful RPG

When the Octopath Traveller arrived on Nintendo Switch in 2018, the lovers of the best role were full of praise before the wonder that Square-Enix had just just been taken out of the sleeve, a magical sensation that later users of the Xbox One y PC were left to enjoy.

The New Installment of October 4th, 2019

The new installment of October 4th, 2019 will go on sale on February 24th in Switch, PC and for the first time in the series, to PS4 and PS5.

Solistia, an unmiddled world in a sea-divided world, has inequalities and divits in the two seas.

The Octopath Traveler II is really different from our first encounter. This time we returned to Soloista, an Indian state with a colonial lands, and a border of the continent that is divided by oceanic branches.

Eight New Players of the Game

At the beginning of the game we meet characters like Hikari Kua warrior prince who is moved by his well-being and ending the war which wowed the lands of his kingdom; Agnea Bristarniz, a humble dancer who will take her journey to become a great star; or Osvald V. Vansteina scholar who leaves driven by revenge after serving a long sentence for a crime he won’t commit, and is driven by revenge.

A Unique Path of Action

  • A system which allows us a certain freedom in the genre to live as we desire.
  • A unique path of action for each character.
  • The introduction of the day/night cycle which means that each character can perform a different action depending on the moment in which we are.

Turn-based combat is increasing rapidly.

  • The principal hallmarks of their combats is that, at the beginning, the enemies have a shield that increases its defense.
  • The impulsive mechanics of each character, allowing him to accumulate power on each turn.
  • Each traveler has completely unique abilities, and styre and defense.
  • The ability to make a complete attempt to fight all the world of the past.

A realistic and sound marvel.

  • HD-2D that put the first installment long, and combines designs and textures pixel-art With polygonal environments and high-definition effects.
  • Cities and cities with traditional structures, vast natural landscapes, more industrialized areas and a vast expanse of water.
  • A magnificent soundtrack written by Sulfi Nishiki’s sound has melodies with which, with many chances, our skin will crawl.


For all of the above, if you have Switch, PS4, PS5 o PC and you can’t resist a well playable game, Octopath Traveler II is a unique, unrepeatable gift. Time is a classic.

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