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Ghosts Of Tabor An Open Discussion

Ghosts Of Tabor is a virtual reality game that has recently gained popularity due to its unique gameplay and thrilling storyline. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must use their skills and resources to survive against various enemies while scavenging, looting, and crafting their way through the game. Despite being a promising game, there have been a few glitches that players have come across. In this article, we will discuss the Ghosts Of Tabor bugs and a few things that could make the game even more amazing.

Bugs In Ghosts Of Tabor

One of the most common issues players have come across in Ghosts Of Tabor is when they would drop a mag or a gun and they would fall through the ground or any platform they stood on. This issue can be frustrating as it results in the loss of valuable gear that could have helped players progress through the game. Additionally, players have noticed that there isn’t as much loot as expected in higher traffic areas, which can make it increasingly difficult to get ahead in the game. Other issues players have faced include difficulty looting desks or filing cabinets, which sometimes pushed them away no matter how hard they tried to get close to pick up items.

Despite these issues, players of Ghosts Of Tabor appreciate the little things in the game that make it interesting, such as the ability to open desks and find items that they wouldn’t have expected to be loot-able. Occasionally, players would have issues with the gun stock, which feels like it’s sliding around in the pocket of their shoulder. To fix this, the developers could implement a feature where the gun locks in place when brought up, leaving the forward hand (left) to aim and the trigger hand (right) to rotate.

Things That Could Make Ghosts Of Tabor Amazing

Despite the issues mentioned, Ghosts Of Tabor is an exciting game with an extensive storyline and various gameplay mechanics, attracting gamers from multiple niches. However, to keep all players interested, a few updates could be made. Here are some things that could make Ghosts Of Tabor amazing

More Loot and Resources

When playing FPS games, players expect there to be a considerable amount of resources and gear to collect. Adding more resources and gear to high traffic areas would enable players to progress quicker through the game, giving them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Improved Looting Mechanic

While looting, players have come across a few issues such as difficulty looting desks or filing cabinets as they would push the player away. Developers can improve this by enhancing the looting system in the game or by increasing looting spaces.

More Random Loose Loot

Adding more random loot to the game would make it more exciting for players as they never know what to expect. This would keep players on their toes and add an extra level of intrigue to the game.

Improved Weapon Mechanics

The developers can enhance the weapon mechanics in the game by adding a feature where the gun locks in place upon being brought up. This would allow players to make accurate shots without missing their target due to gun stock movements.

In conclusion, despite the bugs in Ghosts Of Tabor, the game is exciting and has a unique storyline that keeps players hooked. By addressing these bugs and enhancing gameplay with more loot, better weapon mechanics, and more random loose loot, the developers could make Ghosts Of Tabor even more amazing than it is already.

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