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The Ghosts of Tabor Crouch Issue

Ghosts of Tabor has become one of the most popular VR FPS games, its unique gameplay and graphics make it a game like no other in the market. However, players have identified some issues with the crouching mechanics in the game.

Pushing backwards

One of the problems with crouching in Ghosts of Tabor is that it pushes the player slightly backwards. While this might not be an issue in larger spaces, players who are playing in tiny rooms are finding it difficult to catch items that are on the floor. This issue makes the game harder for players to interact with items on tables as well.

Playing with obstacles

Another issue that some players have identified is the inability to collect items that are on the floor. For instance, if you have a bed or other objects in front of you, you may not be able to collect any items that fall on the ground. This issue can result in inconvenience to players as they need to seek help from friends to collect the items for them.

How to Fix the Issue

Developers of Ghosts of Tabor can fix the crouch mechanics issue by addressing the two main problems identified by players.

1) Fix the crouch mechanics

One of the solutions to the crouch mechanics issue is to make a few adjustments to how it functions. Developers can revise the mechanics to make it more comfortable to use by adjusting the angle and reducing the amount of backwards movement. This adjustment can solve the issue where players are having difficulty interacting with items that are on tables.

2) Increase player reach

Another way to fix the issue is to increase a player’s ability to reach for items. This can be done by adding a feature that extends the reach of players’ arms. This feature can enable players to grab items on the ground, even if there are obstacles in front of them.


The Ghosts of Tabor crouch issue is a problem that can reduce player experience in the game. However, there are solutions that game developers can implement to improve the mechanics and make the game more comfortable for all players regardless of their space limitation. These changes can make the game better and more accessible to all players.

Pros Cons
Unique gameplay Crouch mechanics are not comfortable for players who are playing the game in small rooms
Challenging game scenarios Hard to interact with items on tables and ground
Ambitious game design Reduced interaction can detract from players’ overall experience with the game

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