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Ghosts of Tabor A VR Survival Game

Ghosts Of Tabor is a virtual reality game that offers both PVP and PVE scenarios for players to explore as they scavenge, loot, and craft their way through an immersive survival experience. Inspired by popular games such as Escape from Tarkov and DayZ, this game offers thrilling gameplay that tests your skills, wits, and resourcefulness. As you navigate through a haunting world filled with danger and uncertainty, your goal is to survive and escape.

The Current State of Ghosts of Tabor

Unfortunately, the game is currently experiencing some technical issues that are hindering the overall experience of playing. The following issues are being reported

  • Head stuttering when turning in VR
  • Rubber-banding with no apparent reason
  • Controls not smooth
  • Getting pushed back for no reason

These issues make it nearly impossible for players to enjoy the game and immerse themselves in the experience. Luckily, the game developers are aware of these issues and are working on fixing them as soon as possible.

The Importance of Technical Issues in VR Games

Technical issues in VR games can significantly impact the overall experience for players. While traditional video games are played on a screen through a controller, VR games involve entering a virtual world and controlling your movements through hand-held controllers. Any sudden movement or stuttering can cause severe dizziness, nausea, or headaches for players, leading to an unpleasant experience.

Moreover, VR games require a robust internet connection, and any network connectivity issues, such as rubber-banding, can cause frustrating gameplay or even lead to losing the game. Therefore, it is imperative for VR game developers to ensure smooth gameplay and address technical issues immediately to keep their players engaged and satisfied.

Fixing Technical Issues in Ghosts of Tabor

The game developers have acknowledged the issues reported by the players and are currently working on fixing them. Nevertheless, some simple steps can help resolve the issues and make the gameplay more enjoyable until official fixes are implemented.

Head stuttering when turning in VR

As per the players, head stuttering occurs when they turn their head in the game. This can be fixed by lowering the graphics settings in the game. Take the following steps to alter the graphics settings

  1. Click on the ‘Settings’ option in the game’s main menu.
  2. Click ‘Graphics’
  3. Reduce settings, including Shadows, Post effects, and Anti-Aliasing

Rubber-banding with no apparent reason

Rubber-banding is a common connectivity issue in VR game. However, if the problem is persistent, it may indicate that the internet connection is unstable. Follow the given steps to resolve the issue

  1. Check if the internet connection is stable and robust enough to support smooth gameplay.
  2. Restart the internet connection and the game, and try again.
  3. Restart your computer.

Controls not smooth

The overall control and movement of the player are not as smooth, making navigation difficult. The developers are working on the issue. However, in the meantime, players can try the following steps to improve the control of the game.

  1. Change the game settings to teleport instead of walking.
  2. Lower the graphics settings in the game.
  3. Reduce the field-of-view settings in the game.


Ghosts of Tabor is a fantastic VR game with a lot of potential. However, due to the current technical issues, many players are having a difficult time enjoying the game. Nevertheless, the game’s developers are aware of the issues and are working to fix them. In the meantime, players can use the suggestions mentioned above to address the issues and enjoy the game as much as possible.

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