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Ghosts of Tabor The Thrilling Survival Game

Ghosts of Tabor is one of the best VR first-person shooter games with a mix of PVP and PVE gameplay. It’s an intense multiplayer game where you need to outwit, outsmart, and fight against other players and environmental factors for survival. The game is designed to be realistic and gives you an adrenaline rush as you try to make it out alive. In this article, we will discuss the Ghosts of Tabor extracting experience from raids.

The Challenge of Extracting in Ghosts of Tabor

One of the challenges players face in Ghosts of Tabor is extracting from raids. After a successful run in a raid, it can be frustrating for players not to be able to extract with any loot they collected. Instead, once you’re back in the hideout, all guns and armor are missing. This situation can be quite frustrating for players as they feel like they have wasted effort and resources in the raid.

The Reason behind Not Being Able to Extract with Loot

The reason why players are not able to extract with loot is due to the game’s design. Ghosts of Tabor is a survival game where you need to collect resources, craft weapons, and armor to survive. Therefore, in the game’s design, players need to fight and earn their survival gear. This approach is to add a more realistic and grueling experience to the game.

Unfortunately, this means that players have to keep fighting, scavenging and crafting until they have a full set of survival gear that can keep them alive in various challenging scenarios. Therefore, players need to keep grinding raids until they have enough gear to make it worthwhile to extract.

Tips for Successful Extracting in Ghosts of Tabor

To get the most out of Ghosts of Tabor, players need to be strategic and intentional about their gameplay. Here are tips for successful extracting in Ghosts of Tabor

Create a Strategy before Starting a Raid

Before you start a raid, you need to plan accordingly. It would help if you chose the right gear that can help you survive in different scenarios. If you’re going for a stealthy approach, you need to choose gear that makes less noise and doesn’t give away your location. If you’re going for a more aggressive approach, you need to choose gear that provides better protection and more firepower.

Scout the Area Before Making a Move

Once you’re in the raid, it’s essential to be cautious and check the environment before making a move. Look out for other players and any potential threats. Scout the area and check for valuable loot that you can collect. Also, you need to familiarize yourself with the area’s layout so you can make an informed decision when it comes to extracting.

Keep Your Inventory Light and Organized

In Ghosts of Tabor, you need to be selective with your inventory. It would help if you kept your inventory light and organized to make sure you’re not carrying unnecessary gear that might slow you down. Organize your inventory in a way that you can access essential items quickly, such as weapons, ammo, and first aid kits.

Choose the Right Extraction Point

Choosing the right extraction point is crucial in Ghosts of Tabor as it can determine whether you make it out alive or not. It would be best if you considered factors such as the location of other players, your health status, and any potential threats. Always have a backup plan in case the extraction point is compromised.

The Bottom Line

Ghosts of Tabor is an intense survival game that requires skill, strategy, and perseverance. While extracting with loot can be challenging, players can make it worthwhile by being smart about their gameplay. By following the tips above, players can collect the right gear and extract successfully. Remember to stay vigilant, prepared, and strategic, and you may just survive long enough to make it out of Tabor alive.



Intense gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat Players may find it frustrating and time-consuming to have to fight, scavenge and grind raids to get the right gear
Realistic and immersive gameplay Steep learning curve
Great graphics and sound design Can be overwhelming for beginners
Wide variety of scenarios and challenges Can be buggy at times

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