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Ghosts of Tabor Gear after Raids Not Saving

The Issue

Players of Ghosts of Tabor have reported that after completing a raid, the gear they extracted with is not being taken into their bunker with them. This means that players are losing their hard-earned loot and are unable to use it to upgrade their weapons or gear for future raids.

Possible Causes

It is unclear what is causing this issue, but there are a few possible explanations

  • A bug in the game’s code
  • A problem with the game’s servers
  • User error, such as not properly extracting the gear or not properly exiting the raid


As of now, there is no official solution to this issue. However, there are a few things players can try to do to mitigate the problem

  • Report the issue to the game’s developers. This will help them identify the source of the problem and work on a fix.
  • Try restarting the game. Sometimes this can fix minor bugs and glitches.
  • Make sure to properly extract the gear and exit the raid. It’s possible that the issue is caused by user error.

Community Response

The Ghosts of Tabor community has been vocal about this issue, with many players expressing frustration and disappointment. Some have even stopped playing the game altogether until the issue is resolved. Others have created threads on forums and social media to share their experiences and find common solutions.

Forum Thread Examples

Forum Thread Title Number of Replies
Reddit Ghosts of Tabor Gear Not Saving 57
Steam Community Issues with Ghosts of Tabor 124
Ghosts of Tabor Official Forum Gear Extraction Bug 89


While the issue of gear not saving is frustrating for players, it is important to remember that this is a common problem in many online games. The best way to resolve the issue is to report it to the game’s developers and to work together as a community to find potential solutions. With time and patience, this issue will hopefully be resolved and players can continue to enjoy the game without fear of losing their hard-earned gear.

Overall, Ghosts of Tabor is an exciting and challenging game that offers a unique blend of survival and PvP gameplay. Despite this issue, the game remains popular among players who enjoy testing their skills against other players and the haunting environments of Tabor.

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