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Ghosts of Tabor Grip vs Trigger

The Issue at Hand

One of the more confusing aspects of Ghosts of Tabor is navigating the controls for grabbing items. There seems to be inconsistency in when to use grip and when to use trigger, leading to frustration in gameplay. Additionally, the hover prompts for items can sometimes be misleading, causing players to grab the wrong item unintentionally.

Here are some examples of the issue

  • Shotgun shell box Once opened, the box is too easy to grab while grabbing shells.
  • Scope on sniper in the trainer It’s difficult to grab the scope, instead grabbing the fore grip of the gun.
  • Taking pouches back off the armor on the display The game keeps grabbing the armor instead of the pouches.

Pavlov’s Solution

In comparison to Ghosts of Tabor, Pavlov handles the grabbing controls well in terms of consistency and hit box for grabs. Pavlov has a system where players use grip to grab items and trigger for actions on the grabbed item.

A Possible Solution

An idea for improving the grabbing controls in Ghosts of Tabor is to use grip exclusively for grabbing items and trigger specifically for actions on the grabbed item. This would simplify the control scheme and reduce confusion for players.

A potential solution to the hover prompt issue would be to make them more accurate, indicating clearly which item the player is about to grab. Alternatively, players could have the option to flip the controls in the config if they prefer Ghosts of Tabor’s current control scheme.


In summary, the gripping controls in Ghosts of Tabor need improvement in terms of consistency and accuracy. The suggestion of using grip for grabbing items and trigger for actions on the grabbed item is one possible solution to reduce confusion. With improved controls, Ghosts of Tabor can provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players.

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