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Ghosts Of Tabor Magazine Pouch Error

Ghosts Of Tabor is a popular VR game that has been praised for its gameplay and graphics. However, some players have been experiencing an error with the magazine pouches that prevent them from removing a loaded magazine once it has been attached to the raid. This error has been affecting both PVP and PVE gameplay, frustrating players all around.

Error Description

When a player attaches a magazine to their vest, it becomes virtually impossible to remove it once it is loaded onto the raid. This is a critical error as it leaves players without any ammunition and puts them at a significant disadvantage against their opponents. Some players have even reported losing their entire loadout as a result of this issue, making the game almost unplayable.

Possible Causes

There are a few possible causes behind this issue, but the most common one seems to be related to the magazine pouches. The pouches appear to be bugged, preventing loaded magazines from being removed once they are attached to the raid. This issue affects all types of vests, including the basic beginner vest.


While there isn’t an official fix for this issue yet, there are a few workarounds that players have found helpful

  • Drop the Vest The easiest solution is to simply drop the vest and pick it back up again. This will cause the magazine to fall out, allowing the player to reload with a new magazine.
  • Reload Before Attaching Another workaround is to reload the magazine before attaching it to the vest. This will allow the player to remove the magazine and reload as needed.
  • Use Different Vest Lastly, players can try using a different vest that doesn’t have the magazine pouches. While this isn’t a permanent solution, it can help players avoid the issue until a fix is released.


The magazine pouch error in Ghosts Of Tabor is a frustrating issue that is affecting many players. While there isn’t an official fix for the issue yet, players have found helpful workarounds such as dropping the vest or reloading before attaching a magazine. We hope that the developers will address this issue soon to improve the gameplay experience.

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