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Ghosts Of Tabor Magazines Broken A Frustrating Glitch

The Issue

One of the most frustrating issues in Ghosts of Tabor has been the glitch that causes magazines to break. Players have reported that they are unable to grab a magazine out of their pouch, and even when returning to the bunker, magazine holders remain stuck. The glitch has caused many players to lose their weapons and be left defenseless, making the game almost unplayable.

The Impact on Gameplay

The glitch has had a significant impact on gameplay, causing many players to lose their weapons and be left defenseless. In a game where survival is the key to success, losing weapons can be the difference between life and death. This glitch has caused many players to leave the game frustrated and annoyed.

The Community’s Response

The Ghosts of Tabor community has been vocal about the glitch, with many players taking to forums and social media to voice their frustrations. Players have been posting screenshots and videos of the glitch, hoping to bring it to the attention of the developers. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly negative, with many players threatening to leave the game if the glitch is not fixed.

The Developers’ Response

The developers of Ghosts of Tabor have acknowledged the magazine glitch and promised to fix it as soon as possible. They have released statements saying that their team is working on a solution and that they appreciate the community’s patience. However, players have reported that the glitch has been present for a long time, without any significant improvement. This has led to many players losing faith in the developers’ ability to fix the issue.

Workarounds and Fixes

While waiting for the developers to fix the glitch, some players have come up with workarounds to avoid losing their weapons. One workaround is to drop the weapon on the ground and pick it up again. This can reset the magazine and allow it to be used again. Another workaround is to use a different weapon until the glitch is fixed. These workarounds, while not ideal, can help players survive until a permanent fix is found.

Permanent Fixes

The developers have released several patches since the glitch was first reported, but none of them have fully fixed the issue. Players are still reporting the glitch, and it remains one of the most significant issues in the game. The developers have stated that they are still working on a permanent fix and that they hope to release it in the near future.


The magazine glitch in Ghosts of Tabor has been a frustrating issue for players, causing them to lose weapons and be left defenseless. While the developers have promised to fix the issue, the community remains skeptical, and workarounds have become necessary. The only hope for players is a permanent fix that will allow them to enjoy the game as intended. Until then, players must rely on workarounds and patience while waiting for a permanent solution.

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