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Ghosts Of Tabor Screen Stuttering Symptoms and Causes


If you are playing the popular VR game Ghosts of Tabor and your screen display is stuttering and glitching around, then you are experiencing one of the most common issues with the game. This problem makes it almost impossible to play the game because it affects the visual quality, motion, and response time of the game screen.


The main cause of screen stuttering in Ghosts of Tabor is insufficient system resources. The game demands more processing power and graphic memory than your system can provide, and this leads to the screen display stuttering and glitching.

There are other possible causes, such as graphic driver problems, incompatible hardware, or software conflicts. However, in most cases, upgrading your hardware or optimizing your system settings can quickly solve this problem.

How to Solve Ghosts Of Tabor Screen Stuttering

Upgrade your Hardware

If your system lacks the required hardware specifications to run Ghosts of Tabor without stuttering or freezing, then it’s time to consider upgrading your systems. You can start by upgrading your graphics card or adding more RAM to your system. This will provide your system with more resources and enable it to deal with the resource-intensive game seamlessly.

Optimize your System Settings

You can optimize your system settings to provide Ghosts of Tabor with the required resources it needs to run smoothly. Here are some tips to help optimize your system settings

  • Close all background applications when playing the game to reduce RAM and CPU usage.
  • Lower the game graphics quality settings to reduce the amount of system resources required to run the game.
  • Turn off Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game bar to get more resources for the game.
  • Disable Steam Overlay or Oculus Overlay, as they consume system memory and might affect game performance.

Check for Driver updates

Make sure all your drivers are up to date, including your graphics card and sound card drivers. Installing the latest driver versions can improve game performance significantly and reduce stuttering.

Optimize system for VR

Ghosts of Tabor is a VR game, so you need to optimize your system settings for VR gaming as well. Check for VR-specific optimizations to improve graphic performance and reduce stuttering.


Ghosts of Tabor is an amazing VR game with realistic graphics and intense gameplay. However, encountering screen stuttering can make it unplayable. It’s important to identify the problem’s root cause, optimize your system settings, and upgrade hardware for resource-intensive games. These solutions can significantly improve your gameplay, provide you with a seamless visual experience, and help you survive the game.

Don’t let screen stuttering ruin your Ghosts of Tabor experience. Try out these solutions and enjoy the game like it was meant to be played!

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