Ghosts Of Tabor tracking issues with valve index

Ghosts Of Tabor A VR Reality

Ghosts Of Tabor is a popular Virtual Reality game that has quickly gained traction among the VR gaming community. It is an exciting mix of FPS PVP and PVE elements, offering a unique gameplay experience to hardcore gamers. The game is set in a challenging and unforgiving post-apocalyptic world where you need to use your skills, wits and resources to survive. Inspired by games such as Escape from Tarkov and DayZ, Ghosts of Tabor features different scenarios that range from scavenging to looting and crafting. Will you survive long enough to make it out alive? That’s the challenge that Ghosts Of Tabor offers its players.

Tracking issues with Valve Index

Valve Index is a popular VR headset among gamers. However, players of Ghosts Of Tabor have reported tracking issues with Valve Index. The game seems to have problems with detecting the headset, which causes players to experience tracking issues. This is problematic because it makes the game unplayable and frustrating for players. Ghosts Of Tabor is enjoyed by many players, and this issue has hindered their gameplay experience. Valve is aware of this issue, and they are making efforts to solve it.

Other weapon-related issues

Apart from the tracking issues, players of Ghosts Of Tabor have also complained about weapon-related issues. Some weapons don’t seem to work correctly, while others are unresponsive or inaccurate. This makes it difficult for players to get ahead in the game, making it less enjoyable. The developers of Ghosts Of Tabor have acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix.

Gear falling off randomly

Another issue that players are experiencing in Ghosts Of Tabor is their gear randomly falling off. This is a severe issue because the game requires players to scavenge and collect items to survive. Losing your equipment randomly can be frustrating and can result in players losing their headway in the game. The developers of Ghosts Of Tabor have acknowledged this issue and are working hard to find a solution.

Game in need of delay to fix issues

With all the issues that players are facing in Ghosts Of Tabor, there is a growing need for the developers to delay the game and fix these issues. This would allow for a more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. It is crucial for developers to take the time they need to fix the issues and release a game that works correctly.

The Final Verdict

Ghosts Of Tabor is an exciting VR game that offers a unique gameplay experience. However, players are currently facing several issues such as tracking issues, weapon-related issues, and gear falling off randomly. The developers have acknowledged these issues and are working hard to find a solution. With the need for delay in the release of the game, players are hopeful that the issues will soon be adequately addressed, leading to a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Table Summary of Ghosts Of Tabor issues

Issue Description Status of Fix
Tracking issues Headset is not detected, causing tracking issues Developers are working on a fix
Weapon-related issues Weapons do not work correctly, unresponsive or inaccurate Developers are working on a fix
Gear falling off randomly Player’s equipment falls off randomly Developers are working on a fix


It’s essential for developers to take their time when releasing games, especially in the VR gaming community. With VR games, players expect a seamless and immersive experience, and issues such as tracking, weapon-related issues and gear falling off randomly can hinder gameplay experience. It’s important to take the necessary steps to address these issue before releasing the game. That being said, Ghosts Of Tabor is an exciting game, and with developers working on a fix, it has the potential to be a great addition to the VR gaming world.

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