“Horizon Call of the Mountain Launches Today on PlayStation VR – Get Ready for an Epic Adventure!”

Horizon Call of the Mountain Launches Today on PS VR2

Today, Guerrilla and Firesprite have launched their latest collaboration: Horizon Call of the Mountain, designed from the ground up for PlayStation VR2. The game offers an immersive experience for both VR veterans and newcomers. This new adventure takes place between two quests in the Horizon Zero Dawn mission, and players take on the role of the infamous Master Climber and the disgraced shadow carja soldier, Ryas.

Explore the Wilds in 4K HDR

The PlayStation VR2’s 4K HDR and 110 degree field of view provide a stunning presence in the wilds. Players can explore the environment and interact with it in an immersive way. The game also features precise haptics to convey subtle feelings, such as walking your hand through a flowing stream or the tension when you back your bow.

Experience the Spectacle of Horizon

The game features a stunning visual experience, with awe-inspiring machines and majestic wilds. Players will battle with deadly machines and take in the sheer spectacle of the Horizon’s striking environments.

Real-Time Gameplay for VR Veterans and Newcomers

Horizon Call of the Mountain offers real-time gameplay that caters to both VR veterans and newcomers. Players must learn the skills in every playthrough and face vast challenges. The game also features a variety of weapons and tools to help players on their journey.

Thank You to the Community

The team at Guerrilla and Firesprite would like to thank the community for their support and for inspiring them to continue making new adventures. They hope that players enjoy exploring the wilds with Ryas’ eyes.

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