Sons Of The Forest Community’s Top Requested Features & Suggestions

Sons Of The Forest – Community’s Top Requested Features/Suggestions

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game developed by Endnight Games. It is an open world game where players must survive against the elements, cannibals and mutants. The game has a large and active community, and many of its members have suggested various features and improvements to the game. In this article, we will look at some of the top requested features and suggestions from the community.

Quality Of Life:

  • Hotkeys
  • Female player model option
  • Faster inventory movement
  • Balance out some audio, water/wind can be super loud compared to other sounds.
  • A way to see stats
  • Add N/S/E/W to the map to make it easier to direct friends and navigate.
  • Delete saves
  • Better bow aiming
  • Flashlight Under Shotgun
  • Dedicated servers
  • Hold ‘R’ to view ammo, and hold ‘L’ to choose light source.
  • Flares light up a larger area
  • Take a boombox home


  • Hostile creatures that attack both the player and cannibals. (Bears/Wolves)
  • Make running out of food/water actually dangerous.
  • More variety in food making options with the plants (Like making soup stuff in the first forest)
  • When there are animals there are too many animals.
  • Make being cold have a more adverse effect on the player.
  • Berries are underpowered and yarrow is overpowered
  • Items respawning after save reload shouldn’t be a thing! If they are going to respawn they should take longer from a season → a full seasonal rotation.
  • Different size meats from different animals
  • Use spear underwater/harvest animals underwater, or at least make a way to get them out of the water, maybe drag them out with rope.
  • Fires with firewood seem somewhat infinite? They should require upkeep over time (Maybe a bug?)
  • Some negative effect to eating raw meat/limbs, like an improved sanity system?


  • More snapping options, like a 45° angle to make triangle foundations etc.
  • Allow us to fill in triangle spaces in gabled roofs.
  • More ‘ghost’ structures for those who prefer that method.
  • Allow us to build with stone.
  • Stronger stick fences.
  • More traps!
  • Better lights and more fires (Including the bonfire)
  • More decoration/furniture options (Decorative heads, fireplace, put skins on furniture etc.)
  • Door/gate locks.
  • Solar panels?
  • Water collector
  • Larger storage options
  • Custom effigys
  • People want the log sled, or at least some way to transport logs (Not just down river).


  • Transportation! The map is big and takes forever to get around, it can be tiresome and uneventful walking around. Some examples of transport being: horses, gliders, boats or fixing up golf carts (Detailed golf cart suggestion:
  • GPS makes it too easy for some with all the icons being there for them, like all the caves, maybe make the POI’s have an area to search instead of pinpoint.
  • More variety to cannibal camps/maybe a big cannibal camp or 2 somewhere on the map (Not marked on gps)
  • Winter needs to be more of a challenge
  • More caves/interconnected caves? Maybe an abandoned mineshaft that goes through the mountain., with a minecart that you can ride, would make traversing the map a little faster/interesting.


  • Don’t spawn them around the player, they need to work to get to us.
  • Melee combat is unforgiving, they can attack and dodge faster than the player and do a lot of damage.
  • Cave cannibals shouldn’t be harvestable for creepy armour, only mutants.
  • More variety in the way they look.


  • Allow us to give them some armour.
  • Stop kelvin chopping down tree houses! And ziplines!
  • Allow them to interact with each other
  • More expressions.
  • An option to revive a fallen companion before they fully die. (Maybe a bug that you can’t??)
  • More interactions.
  • Kelvin is too good at catching fish.


  • Mod support
  • VR Support

This isn’t everything that people are suggesting, but feel free to discuss below and more will probably be added.

Some of these ideas could be implemented in certain difficulties, and as custom options.

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