“Sons of the Forest Unplayable Today – Help Needed – Played Fine Yesterday”

# Help Needed: Game Unplayable Today But Played Fine Yesterday

Sons of the Forest is a horror survival game developed by Endnight Games Ltd. It was released on December 6th, 2020 and is available on Steam. Players have been enjoying the game since then, but recently some players have been experiencing issues with the game.

This article will discuss the issue of the game being unplayable today, but playing fine yesterday. We will look at the system specs, the issue itself, and some potential solutions.

## System Specs

The system specs are important to consider when trying to troubleshoot this issue. The system specs for the gaming laptop being used are as follows:

– Intel Core i7, 10875H (2.3Ghz, 5.1Hz Turbo)
– RTX 2070 Super
– 16GB Corsair 2666Mhz DDR4 Ram
– 500GB 970 M.2 boot drive and 1TB 970 M.2 storage drive

## The Issue

The issue is that the game was playable yesterday, but today it is unplayable. The user reports that they can’t get above 20 frames per second, and the sound is choppy, like it’s being heard through a fan.

## Potential Solutions

There are several potential solutions to this issue. Here are some of them:

– **Update Drivers**: Make sure that all drivers, including graphics card drivers, are up to date.

– **Check Settings**: Check the game’s settings and make sure that they are not set too high.

– **Check for Corrupt Files**: Check to make sure that the game files are not corrupted.

– **Reinstall the Game**: If all else fails, try reinstalling the game.

## Conclusion

If you are experiencing the issue of the game being unplayable today, but playing fine yesterday, then there are a few potential solutions. Make sure that all drivers are up to date, check the game’s settings, check for corrupt files, and if all else fails, try reinstalling the game. Hopefully this article was able to help you troubleshoot the issue.

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