The Bulls put up an excellent performance and scored over 100 points to secure the victory against the Nuggets.

The last quarter of the game saw the Bulls extend their lead on the scoreboard to secure their win comfortably.

The third quarter saw the Bulls take a 10-point lead, showing their dominance over the Nuggets.

The Bulls managed to take the lead on the scoreboard, giving them a chance to increase their lead and secure the win.

The second half of the game started with the Nuggets in the lead, but the Bulls quickly caught up to them.

The first half of the game was balanced, with the Nuggets closing it out with a narrow lead of 52 to 51.

The game was fiercely contested between the two teams, with the score tied at 39-39 during the match.

The second quarter of the game saw the Bulls briefly take the lead before the Nuggets regained their advantage.

The Nuggets had a good start in the first quarter, winning by seven points.

The Bulls and the Nuggets both had their starting five on the court and put up a fierce contest from the beginning of the match.